10 Reasons to Love Benedict Cumberbatch

And it's not just because of 'Doctor Strange' or 'Sherlock'.

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10 Reasons to Love Benedict Cumberbatch
Doctor Strange has become the latest box office success for Marvel. As the 14th straight chart-topping debut for Marvel, we can’t deny the comic superhero’s appeal, and we also can’t discount Benedict Cumberbatch’s contribution to the film's success. Besides the fact that he still looks dashing at the age of 40, here are some other reasons why the ‘Cumberpeople’ just can’t seem to resist his charm!

1. His pronunciation of ‘penguins’ is too cute.

Cumberbatch got the word wrong repeatedly while doing voice-over work for a documentary, Strange Islands, and now he is terrified of the word. Somehow, he keeps pronouncing “pengwings”. Ironically, he had a voice role in the Madagascar spinoff, Penguins. Did he finally say it right? Watch it here:

2. His dance moves are out-of-this-world.

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3. His colourful eyes... they look straight into your soul.

Image: Pink News
Cumberbatch has a condition known as heterochromia, which is caused by the relative excess or lack of melanin. You can see shades of green, blue and gold in his irises.

4. He has a heart for teaching. Awww...

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During his gap year at university, Cumberbatch travelled to Darjeeling, India to teach resident monks English at a Tibetan monastery.

5. He is a humble man who doesn't realise how hot he is.

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Cumberbatch once joked in an interview, "If you put me in a room with Brad (Pitt) and George (Clooney) and all of them, you do kind of go, 'Lovely, yes. Handsome, yes. Oh, strange-looking guy'." He actually thinks he looks like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age!

6. He's a joker who thinks his surname sounds like "a fart in a bath".

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Mama Cumberbatch wasn't keen on keeping it either. But one day, Cumberbatch told someone his real name and they told him it is great and it is something he can use to stand out from the other actors.

7. He does some pretty mean impersonations.

Including Alan Rickman, Beyoncé and even Chewbacca!

8. He makes water look sexy. 

Only Cumberbatch can make a "don't waste water" PSA so captivating.

9. He's a fun photobomber.

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Cumberbatch has an overwhelming desire to photobomb people at red carpet and high profile events. Like how he photobombed U2.

10. He is a sensitive soul... especially when it concerns his hair.

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“You could stick a knife in my thigh, and I wouldn’t tell you. (But) pull the hair on my head the wrong way, and I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles.” We bet you do, Cumberbatch.

We know you have more reasons to love Benedict Cumberbatch. Share with us some of your favourites about him in the comments below!

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