Five Things You Should Know About Twenty One Pilots And Their New Album ‘Scaled And Icy’

The album is LIT!

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Five Things You Should Know About Twenty One Pilots And Their New Album ‘Scaled And Icy’
Twenty One Pilots

Loving the hair do!

Twenty One Pilot fans, the band is back with their latest album ‘Scaled And Icy’ after a three-year hiatus following the release of ‘Trench’.
With 11 beautifully crafted tracks awaiting fans, the duo – Josh and Tyler - took some time off to talk to Rojak Daily about their new album, as well as to reveal some pretty interesting things about themselves.
Here are five cool things you should know about ‘Scaled and Icy’:
The cover album art.

#1 Pandemic pains

Due to the pandemic, they recorded their new single "Shy Away" when Josh was in LA while Tyler was in Columbus, Ohio. They had to use video conferencing and screen sharing to complete the song. Sometimes it was tough, sometimes it was smooth, and they often wondered if the song will turn out the way it is if it was not recorded that way.

#2 The origins of the dragon

For the cover album, they wanted to make sure that even though they felt confined in one space (because of the pandemic), they didn’t feel confined musically. They wrote a more colourful and magical album, and the dragon represents that imagination.
“It feels like I’m flying around the room about to disintegrate at any moment while making these songs, in reality it’s otherwise, maybe a little bit dull. The dragon is equal parts inspiration, fear, magical. We want to tie the songs to something as powerful as that,” Tyler said.
The boys are so funny in real life.

#3 The meaning behind the title

‘Scaled and Icy’ actually stands for “scaled back and isolated”, which is how they found themselves this past year (we feel them too!). The duo took two words that were quite negative and tried to spin it into something that's totally opposite. They immediately thought of a dragon so it ties to the name. 

#4 A band favourite

The band’s latest album is Josh’s favourite album so far and he hopes it’s their fans’ favourite too.

#5 A K-pop collaboration?

Twenty One Pilots told us that they would like to collaborate with a K-Pop act one day and acknowledged that BTS is currently the biggest group in the industry. However, if they wanted to collaborate, it would have to be organic and feel natural. They want to start a relationship or friendship with someone first and connect with them before writing music together.
‘Scaled and Icy’ drops 21 May 2021 and is now available on all platforms.

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