Get Ready For A Beautiful Journey Along The Italian Riviera With Disney/Pixar’s ‘Luca’

Now we’re craving for some gelato.

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Get Ready For A Beautiful Journey Along The Italian Riviera With Disney/Pixar’s ‘Luca’

Looks promising.

It’s original films and TV series galore over at Disney+!
We may not be able to travel for now thanks to the pandemic but we can a glimpse of what the Italian Riviera looks like in the upcoming animated film ‘Luca’.
We recently attended a special press conference with the cast of ‘Luca’ to find out more about the film. 

They’re no ordinary boys

‘Luca’ tells the tale of two friends – Luca and Alberto enjoying their summer scooting around town while eating tonnes of gelato and pasta.
Luca and Alberto may seem like ordinary boys but in reality, they’re actually sea monsters that are able to shape-shift into human form when on land.
According to Jacob Tremblay who plays Luca, his character is a timid kid who really wants to explore the human world despite having strict parents.
While Luca’s friend, Alberto, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, is the total opposite. He’s more adventurous and has no restrictions in fulfilling his curiousities and fantasies.
We want to go to Italy too...
And just like everyone else working during the pandemic, the cast too had to struggle working from home.
But Pixar got everything covered – they sent iPads and microphones to everyone to record at home.
Most of them had their recording sessions done in their closets or spaces that were sound proof.
So, what can you expect from ‘Luca’?
Viewers are in for a beautiful, heartwarming story about friendship and how they can give us the opportunity to discover something new about themselves (while eating tonnes of gelato!).
‘Luca’ premieres on Disney+ Hotstar on 18 june 2021.

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