Malaysia’s First Ever Film Starring A Kitty Cat Debuting In June Is Set To Melt Your Heart

Purr-fect family film.

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Malaysia’s First Ever Film Starring A Kitty Cat Debuting In June Is Set To Melt Your Heart
Astro Shaw

Meow meow purr meow!

Move over hoomans, it’s our furry felines time to shine.
Astro Shaw presents ‘Chomel’, a heart-warming family movie about the bond between family and their pet cat premiering on Home Cinemas, Astro First (Ch 480) on 24 June 2021.
The film is directed by Jason Chong, a creative, award-winning local filmmaker who also won ‘Best Original Story’ for film ‘Adiwiraku’ at the 29th Malaysian Film Festival.

Get ready for an emotional adventure that full of smiles, laughter, sadness and more, with the antics of the cute pet cat, Chomel.
The film stars talented local cast including award-winning Zahiril Adzim, Azizah Mahzan alongside upcoming young talents Airiezara Jasmin, Yuyun Hikmah, Aniq Suhair. Audiences can also look forward to special appearances by Aziz M. Osman, Adibah Noor, Douglas Lim, Gavin Yap and ERA radio announcer, Zahier Yusoff.
“During these trying times, I hope a film like ‘Chomel’ puts a smile on audience faces and touches their hearts. The film revolves around the story about a cat and a child who is going through loss. I hope the story also fills audience hearts with gratitude and appreciation for our beloved families,” Chong said.
‘Chomel’ revolves around Mimi who is lonely after she loses her mother, and her family splits apart. To combat her loneliness, she is determined to be friends with ‘Diva Girlz’, but it does not happen.
Things change when Mimi meets Chomel and she uses it as an opportunity to make friends with Diva Girlz. The situation gets complicated when Mimi’s maternal grandmother tries to gain custody over Mimi and her sister, Nora, as her grandmother does not think that their father can provide for their future.

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