Henry Golding Has A Message For You: Check On Family And Friends

We have to be there for each other

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Henry Golding Has A Message For You: Check On Family And Friends

Henry Golding

Malaysian-born Hollywood actor Henry Golding has a special message for his friends in Malaysia, which includes a challenge. 

In a four and half minute clip on Instagram, Golding spoke about the endless lockdowns here and how it impacts our mental state. 

"We’ve lost our jobs, we haven’t seen our friends in ages, we’re cooped up.

"Many people have done without human interaction for so long, and it’s only natural for thoughts to go dark," he said. 

"One thing that I wanted to tell everybody that I could was that there are friends out there who are thinking of you, there are people out there who care for you and are worried about your wellbeing," the 34-year-old added. 

The challenge

Golding asked people to think of three people who they think may need a text or a call of three to four minutes just to check in on them.

"My challenge is really is for you to think of think of those three friends, give them a call, give them a text, see how they are doing... have a kind of WhatsApp video call or Zoom calls with your friends and really check in on them.

"Don't just have small talk. Really ask them how they're doing, how they are coping," he said in a heartfelt message. 

He also shared the some resources for those going through a hard time including @befrienderskl's hotline 0376272929 and Malaysian Mental Health Association hotline 0377825499. 

Thank you, Golding for using your platform to speak about such an important topic. 

If you or someone you know need help, here are more resources you can look into:

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Let's be there for each other during this tough times. We can do this! 

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