President Trump and 7 Other Happenings Predicted By 'The Simpsons"

Are the writers of the series psychic?

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President Trump and 7 Other Happenings Predicted By 'The Simpsons
Image: Mirror

Just as the whole world is still reeling from the shock of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States, The Simpsons actually predicted this… 16 years ago.

In one of the episodes titled ‘Bart to the Future’ aired in 2000, Bart travelled in time to see himself as an adult in his 40s and his sister Lisa as the country’s first “straight female” president. In a scene where Bart visits Lisa at the Oval Office, she is seen telling her staff, “as you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”.

In 2015, The Simpsons involved Trump once again in the episode ‘Trumptastic Voyage’, which was almost the exact replica of the presidential campaign Trump had launched at the time. Watch the eerily similar scene of him going down the escalator at the Trump Tower below:

And the strange thing is, this wasn’t the first time the series had its predictions come true!


Image: ZDNet
In 1995, Lisa’s future fianc√© spoke to his watch.


Image: picaddicts
This high tech intercom from 1996 looks just like the forgotten first-generation iPod.

Ebola Virus

Image: Daily Mail
In 1997, The Simpsons predicted the ebola crisis.

Baby Translator

Image: Simpsons Wiki
In a 1992 episode, Herb Powell built a baby translator. There’s an app today that claims it can translate babies’ cries.

Chocolate Land

Image: Pinterest
Homer dreamed of the Land of Chocolate in 1991. You can find chocolate museums around the world today!


Image: The FW
Who remembers this game? In 1998, the kids from Springfield were treated to a similar yard work simulator.

Wrecking Ball

Image: Daily Express
And doesn’t this wrecking ball scene aired in 1994 look all too familiar?

While we still have the chance to enjoy another two seasons of The Simpsons, let's just wait and see what other prophecies the series can come up with!

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