Netflix...On Astro? Astro Teases New Remote Control With Dedicated 'Netflix' Button

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Netflix...On Astro? Astro Teases New Remote Control With Dedicated 'Netflix' Button

Netflix with just a click of the button? Yes, please!

Back in June, satellite TV provider Astro teased that they will be collaborating with internet streaming service Netflix:

While details about that partnership has been scarce, we now have sort of a teaser on what the partnership is about.

New toy, who dis?

On Monday (23 August), Astro has revealed a new remote control for their Ultra Box decoder.

The new remote control has all the existing features of the old remote control, but one key difference: it has a dedicated 'Netflix' button.

Here's what it looks like:

Similar to a remote control for an Android TV device, pressing the 'Netflix' button would immediately launch the app on your TV, providing you with instant access to the streaming service.

The new remote control looks a bit more polished and streamlined compared to the existing one that comes with the Ultra Box.

It has a new design as well; instead of a slanted sharp corner, the new Ultra Box remote now sports a symmetrical design with all four corners rounded off - minus the long chin.

The Ultra Box and its remote control.Also new on the remote control is the four dedicated buttons - Apps, Netflix, Movies and Sports - which lets you access some of Astro's most popular channels with just a press of a button.

Strangely, there is no dedicated 'Disney+' button in sight, considering that Astro has a partnership with them and the streaming service will also be making its debut on the Ultra Box by the end of the year.

Maybe we'll see one in Ultra Box remote control 3.0?

Service launching soon

At the moment, Astro has not revealed much about the availability of the new remote control, but according to them, subscribers who are already on the Ultra Box can still access Netflix and other future apps, such as Disney+, by navigating to the Astro homepage using their existing remote control.

On top of that, Astro has also yet to reveal much about its Netflix subscription package, but a spokesperson told us that the launch of the Netflix app on the Ultra Box will be happening "in the coming months".

You can check out this website for more information.

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