Company In India Gives Employees A Day Off To Watch The Season 5 Premiere Of 'Money Heist'

Literally Netflix and Chill.

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Company In India Gives Employees A Day Off To Watch The Season 5 Premiere Of 'Money Heist'

They know 'Money Heist' is worth it.

There are plenty of companies out there who give their employees a day off to celebrate all the little things; like local burger joint myBurgerLab, for example, who gave their workers a few days off recently so that they can just relax and chill: 

A company in India, however, took that a notch higher by letting their employees take a day off to catch the premiere of a popular TV series.

Just Netflix and chill

A firm in Jaipur, India became an 'employer of the year' nominee when they decided to give their employees a 'Netflix and Chill holiday' on 3 September - so that they can stay home and watch the premiere of season five of 'Money Heist' on the same day.

Yup, you read that right! 

They deserve a grand farewell.
According to a report by The Economic Times, VerveLogic, in a notification to its employees, said the holiday was given not only to avoid false leaves but also because they believe that "chill moments are the best pills for energy at work".

"The management has decided to declare a 'Netflix and Chill holiday' on 3rd September 2021 on the release of 'Money Heist 5'.

"We have taken this initiative not just to save an attack on our emails with false leaves, see mass bunks and numbers being switched off but because we know 'Sometimes Moments of Chill be The Best Pills for Energy At your Work.

"So grab the popcorn, and be prepared to wave a final bye to our most loved professor and the entire caste," its CEO, Abhishek Jainm said in the notification. 

Such a sweet boss, no?
The firm didn’t stop there.

It apparently gave a fun "Work from Home Task List" for the employees to complete, featuring the signature 'Money Heist' mask as the background.
Netizens, obviously, were really impressed with the mobile app development company’s laid-back holiday, with many saying that they wouldn’t mind working in the firm just for the perks.

We certainly agree with that!

Boss, if you're reading this article, can we get a day off too?

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