Malaysia Day Special: Kampong Pisang Gang Strikes Again In "Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan"

A Short Film by Mamat Khalid

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Malaysia Day Special: Kampong Pisang Gang Strikes Again In
In conjunction with Malaysia Day, Astro presents a short film written and directed by renowned director Mamat Khalid titled "Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan".

The film revisits the adventures and antics that take place in the fan-favourite village, Kampong Pisang, for an uplifting message of unity. Astro customers can catch the 30-minute short film on Astro 25 (channel 100), 16 September, Thursday or viewers can stream it any time via On Demand and Astro GO.

The appearance of Barkoba, Pak Jabit, Pak Din, Pak Karim, Cik Purnama, Ahmad Yassin, Faguha Jabar and the residents of Kampong Pisang promises the usual shenanigans of shocking news and mind-boggling disasters. After all, it isn’t Kampong Pisang if there are no problems to solve.

What's the story?

This time, conflict arises when Teck Zee, Ng Chee Lam’s son, expresses his desire to marry his girlfriend, Bulan. However, his mother does not approve of the marriage. Why? The Kampong Pisang gang, led by Pak Din Pest Control, band together to investigate the matter and attempt to keep the peace in the village. Will they succeed? Catch the usual suspects of Kampong Pisang in action once again.

The cast lineup includes Kazar Saisi, Bell Ngasri, Aziz M Osman, Dewa Sapri, Mat London,
Ahmad Yasin, Rashid Othman, Wong Wei Tian and Bulan.

Director of Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan, Mamat Khalid said that "Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan" was created to promote a spirit of unity and togetherness among Malaysians.

"This short film does not only highlight racial unity and the diversity in our beloved country, but also upholds our customs and tradition for our younger generation.

"I hope that this short film will not only entertain audiences with the antics of the residents of Kampong Pisang, but will also resonate with all audiences transcending generations and cultivate a spirit of patriotism and unity," he added.

Vice President, Malay Nusantara Business and Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said that in conjunction with Malaysia Day, Astro was proud to present the latest instalment from the Kampong Pisang universe which brings forth a timely message of unity and patriotism.

"We hope that Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan inspires all Malaysians to champion the spirit of unity, besides adding much cheer to everyone’s Malaysia Day celebrations," she added.

Where and when to watch?

Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan also available on the following channels at their respective showtimes listed below:
  • 16 September, Thursday, 5.30pm; Astro Prima (Channel 105)
  • 16 September, Thursday, 9.30pm; Astro Ria (Channel 104)
  • 18 September, Saturday, 10.00pm; Astro Warna (Channel 107)
  • 20 September, Monday, 8.00pm; Astro Citra (Channel 108)
  • 22 September, Wednesday, 12.30pm; NJOI TV (Channel 140)
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