Asian 'Magic Mike' is a Thing and it Needs Funds

Oh, so panas.

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Asian 'Magic Mike' is a Thing and it Needs Funds
The Magic Mike parody features sexy Asian American men showing off their best dance moves in a 10-minute short. There have been two crowdfunding initiatives for the parody, one to fund filming, and now another to fund editing and mareting. The campaign on Indiegogo has a goal of US$3,500 (RM15,430) and there are 11 days left to contribute.

Here's the summary of the short from the website: 

"It's Asian Men! is a story about an Asian-American wife and husband who get hot and bothered on a date night in, but the mood changes for the worse when they watch Magic Mike and see no hot sexy Asian men at all. In the wife's dreams she's in an all-Asian version instead and wakes up to a pleasant surprise."

Who is producing it?

The cast and crew of 'It's Asian Men!'
The film is produced by three Asian-American women: NaRhee Ahn, Junko Goda, and Dorothy Xiao, and the reason behind making the movie can be found on their Indiegogo page. "Asian men have long been stuck with the problem of being hyper-desexualised in media, often portrayed as the nerd with high intelligence and low charisma. You only have to check out the statistics on dating websites to see that men who appear to be Asian are the least clicked on, and thus the least desired. As Asian women who love our Asian men, we want to remind you that Asian men are indeed incredibly sexy, and we are going to do this with our short film!" 

Who is starring in it?

Top (L-R) Yoshi Sudarso, Cedric Jonathan, Bottom (L-R) Bo Haan, Randel Cuevas.
The film stars four Asian-American men namely Yoshi Sudarso, Bo Haan, Cedric Jonathan, and Randel Cuevas. You can read more about them on the Indiegogo page as well. Yoshi is from Indonesia, Randel is from the Philippines, and Bo Haan is from Taiwan in origin. Sadly, Malaysia isn't represented in the cast, though that would be quite haram-be in our eyes and could lead to more name-changing. 

Watch the trailer for It's Asian Men! and try not to blush:

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