'Mad Shelia' is the Cheaper, Economical Version of 'Mad Max'

China: making everything you own at half the cost has expanded to making movies at half the cost and quarter the quality.

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'Mad Shelia' is the Cheaper, Economical Version of 'Mad Max'
We all know everything is made in China, copied and rebadged in China, and subsequently sold for half the price. You know, once you cut out the middleman, things get cheaper. We all appreciate what they do for the global economy and for our wallets. Now, instead of ripping-off products, they're taking a stab at arts. And it's a stab into the heart of Aussie filmmaker George Miller.

Now with 75% lesser clothing for tactical advantage in a fight. Wrestlers wear only spandex have you ever thought of that? No.
This is speculation but we're pretty sure that it was supposed to be titled Mad "Sheila", not "Shelia". Sheila is a slang word for woman in Australia and Shelia is just a result of poor proofreading skills. In keeping with the theme of economical, you can see that Shelia has less than half the clothes of Furiosa. This is presumably some kind of technique employed by the character to get an even tan. Since the character lives in the dessert with constant sun shine, might as well get her tan on. 

The giant middle finger to artist who visualise original ideas.
To be fair, a lot of movie posters are similar looking and a lot of movies are inspired by one another. It's a visual tribute between directors, a tip of the hat to stewards who have paved the way for other filmmakers. But this looks less like a visual homage and more of a rip-off. But who are we to judge? We've had our fair share of 'tributes' to other franchises of course and some with varying levels of success.

Evolusi KL Drift was actually inspired by Tokyo Drift but these posters look more similar. CONTROVERSY!
To bring this article full circle, even this post was a direct 'reference' to Gizmodo's coverage of the news with a few added facts and an unhealthy dose of cynicism baked into the final product. Oh, we can't forget the trailer for Mad Shelia. Here you go:

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