9 Anime Shows That Should Definitely Make a Comeback to Our TV Screens

And by comeback, we mean reruns not reboots, because NOTHING beats the original series.

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9 Anime Shows That Should Definitely Make a Comeback to Our TV Screens
Images: Toei Animantion, Bandai, and The Pokemon Company
Back in the 90s, there was no such thing as iPhones, Instagram, or Wi-Fi. We spent most of our time at the playground, sandboxes, or riding bicycles at the park. We made actual friends through physical social interaction and not virtually. Reality shows weren’t a thing back then (Kardashian who?) and most of the TV shows aired were of great quality, including anime ones. Remember rushing home in the evening after playing with your friends just to catch your favourite anime show? And you actually made the effort to get up early in the morning during weekends because that’s when the best cartoons get aired.

Now, some of these shows are only a fragment of our memories – if only TV channel would air them again. We would definitely ditch the likes of Game of Thrones or Stranger Things just to binge watch them and relive some great memories. So, here are 10 anime shows that we feel should get a chance of a rerun on our TV screens.

#1 Sailor Moon

Image: Toei Animation
Now, who could ever forget Sailor Moon? Let’s admit it, every girl (and probably a few boys) secretly wished that they were part of the Sailor Moon gang. Who wouldn’t want to be some sort of superhero named after a planet?! Plus, they wore cool school girls-inspired outfit. Whenever Sailor Moon held her hand up high and her nails start to sparkle to cue her transformation, we know some serious drama is about to go down. You villains ought to make a run the minute she says “In the name of the moon, I will punish you!”

Another great thing about Sailor Moon is the ultra catchy theme song and graphic sequence that’ll get your heart racing in excitement. Singing along the lines of “Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon,” was probably the best way to get hyped up before watching an episode. But the part where they start introducing the other characters – Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter – is probably our favourite anime intro ever. Because that’s the only time we get to pretend we’re transforming into our favourite sailor!

Although there is a new show called Sailor Moon Crystal, which is an adaptation of Sailor Moon, the new show could never compare to the awesome-ness of the original show’s vibes and look.

#2 Dragon Ball

Image: Salvamakoto
Your weekend mornings wouldn’t be the same without Dragon Ball. While munching on your morning snack or a packet of nasi lemak, everyone in the house would practically be glued to the TV screen. Heck, you wouldn’t even bother taking a shower first! The tale of Goku and his friends’ quest in search for the seven dragon balls around the world was definitely an adventure you didn’t want to miss. Epic battles, weird characters, and annoying villains made the show even more memorable.

GIF: Giphy
Dragon Ball has arguably helped shaped our childhood years and made us wish we had cool superpowers like ‘Kame Hame Ha’ or turning into Super Saiyan mode whenever, wherever. If only there was a Super Saiyan switch we could turn on whenever someone pisses us off. Although the show has ended two decades ago, it’ll forever be remembered in our hearts.

#3 Cardcaptor Sakura

Image: Subaru Sumeragi
Who would’ve thought that a deck of cards could change a 10-year-old girl’s life? Sakura was granted magical abilities after she first discovered those cards in her basement. And because she was the one accountable for accidentally freeing the cards, she was given the responsibility by the card guardian, Cerberus, to retrieve the whole set. Now that we’ve said it, doesn’t that sound a little bit dodgy – entrusting a 10-year-old kid and placing such magical burden on her at a very young age? Nevertheless, it was really interesting to see what each card could do and Sakura’s outfits were always on-point. She slayed every look and deserves her own fashion line!

#4 Pokémon

Image: The Pokemon Company
Pokémon is arguably one of the most successful franchises in the world. Its popularity skyrocketed once again this year after software developer, Niantic, released the mobile game app, Pokémon Go. Our childhood dreams of becoming a Pokémon trainer finally came true thanks to this mobile game that became an instant hit and worldwide phenomenon. But before there were smartphones, we resorted to playing it on Game Boy as well as watching its TV show.

Only those who have watched the TV show will understand why Pokémon became a very successful series. From catching wild Pokémon to battling the ever-annoying Team Rocket, there’s NEVER a dull moment in every episode. Commercial breaks weren’t a problem either as it was everyone’s chance to show how kiasu they were in the segment “Who’s that Pokémon?” But it’s actually the legendary theme song that got everyone talking (or singing) for years to come. Now every trainer in the world would “want to be the very best that no one ever was”.

#5 Digimon

Two years after the Pokémon anime series was released in 1997, a new rival with a similar premise premiered on television screens to challenge Pokémon’s rising popularity. It was none other than Digimon or also known as digital monsters. Digimon was kind of a big deal too back then and whoever had the portable Digimon device was considered atas and a true-blue fan.

The TV show tells the tale of seven kids who were known as ‘DigiDestined’ or in layman’s term, chosen children who were compatible with Digimon. The highlight of each episodes, besides the epic battles, would obviously be when the Digimon starts evolving! Watching them evolve is like watching your kid grow up right in front of your eyes. *Wipes tears of happiness*

To further fuel our obsession, Nestle also released a Digimon-themed ice cream. Remember those days when you’d eagerly open the bottom cup first to see which Digimon character you got?

Everyone would buy the ice cream cups in bulk to complete their collection and were even willing to barter with their friends if they ended up getting the same character twice. Ah, such sweet memories.

#6 Detective Conan

Image: Net Sama/Flickr
Detective Conan was the Sherlock Homes of our childhood. This petite kid had the brains that’ll put Inspector Gadget’s detective skills to shame. The series was first conceived back in 1994. Besides its TV series, the novel series that was adapted to Malay was also quite popular in Malaysia. For those who might’ve forgotten how a kid of his age could be so brilliant, it’s because he was initially a high school detective that was poisoned, consequently turning him into a kid instead. He then stayed with his childhood friend, Ran Maouri, and her father, Kogoro Maouri.

When it was aired in Malaysia, the show was fully dubbed in Malay. Kogoro Maouri had a deep, course voice that’ll leave a lasting impression in your head. Because of this, our perception of how Conan and other characters speak in the series may differ from the Japanese or English version. Nevertheless, it was always fun to see how Conan manages to solve each case and let Kogoro Maouri take all the credit.

#7 Anak-Anak Sidek

Image: Pencuri Movie
The list wouldn’t be complete without some Malaysian cartoon series. Anak-Anak Sidek portrayed the life of Malaysia’s legendary badminton brothers, The Sideks. The story was set in the 1960s to 1970s eras when Misbun, Razif, Jalani, Rahman, and Rashid were younger. Sidek was a strict father who always emphasised on the importance of their badminton training. Guess their father had a bigger vision for them when they were kids. Rashid, Jalani, and Razif eventually won the Thomas Cup back in 1992 and Misbun Sidek became the former coach to the world’s number one badminton player, Lee Chong Wei.
Image: Kumpulan Pelukis J.A.S Sdn. Bhd.
It is the only animation series in Malaysia to feature our local athletes. To add some flare to the show, inanimate objects such as the badminton court, shuttle cock, badminton rackets, and referee’s seat were given the ability to talk to each other. It was really thrilling to see the mischiefs that these kids would get into every day and to watch Razif telling on his brothers as he was his father’s golden child.

#8 Keluang Man

Image: Kamn Ismail & Team
Decades before BoBoiBoy and Cicakman were created, Keluang Man was Malaysia’s first ever superhero. As his name implies, his character was loosely based on the popular superhero, Batman. Normal superheroes usually come from average backgrounds and are completely sane (with the exception of Suicide Squad). But for Keluang Man, he’s not your typical superhero and has an edge that no other superhero has – he’s actually a mental patient from Tampoi Medical Hospital named Borhan.

Just like Batman, he also has a sidekick aptly named after a bird, Tiong Man. Since it was hard for Borhan to escape from the hospital during daytime, the duo usually does their superhero stints over the night.

Image: Kamn Ismail & Team
Just like Batman and Spiderman, Keluang Man wasn’t very much welcomed or seen as a hero by the local police. Inspector Shahab views him as a nuisance who frequently disturbs police investigations.

#9 Usop Sontorian

Image: Ujang
Usop Sontorian was the epitome of a kampung boy’s life. Aired in 1996, this animated series spanned over three seasons and 49 episodes. Before the term ‘1Malaysia’ was coined, Usop and his friends – Abu, Dol, Ah Kim, Vellu, and Singh – were the true essence of 1Malaysia. If you feel like the characters are quite familiar, it’s because they were created by legendary comic artist, Ujang. He has a really distinctive style that’s easily recognisable by fans.

Usop’s story takes place in Kampung Parit Sonto in Johor; hence the name '"Sontorian". The gang led a very adventurous kampung lifestyle – water rafting, playing lastik, going camping, playing meriam buluh, and a lot more. Usop Sontorian is possibly one of the most authentic representations of the Malaysian kampung life.

Image: Ujang
So, do you have any other anime shows that you’d like to see again on our local TV screens? Share your favourites with us in the comments section below.

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