Top 3 Malaysian Movies That Broke the 2016 Malaysian Box Office

These movies should make it to your must-watch list!

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Top 3 Malaysian Movies That Broke the 2016 Malaysian Box Office
Images: Astro Shaw & Animonsta Studios
Whether you want it or not, 2016 is coming to a definite end. We’ve reached some highs and lows as a nation but most importantly, we’ve managed to rise above it all. Looking back, it wasn’t a bad year after all. We’ve had Malaysian Paralympians that broke world records, homegirl Yuna making it to Nasdaq’s billboard in Times Square and listed as Billboard’s “Top 10 Best R&B Albums of 2016”, as well as local movies being nominated for international awards and eventually winning them. Case in point, the Ola Bola’s soundtrack.

While we're on the subject of movies, it seems that our film industry has done exceptionally well these past few years. This 2016, we’ve had a string of movies that hit a homerun with its Malaysian viewers. We’ve narrowed down the top three Malaysian movies of the year, all of which have a total gross exceeding RM15 million respectively. These eight-figure movies definitely deserve a spot on your must-watch list!

Ola Bola

Image: Astro Shaw
Total gross: RM16,600,000 (Source: FINAS)

Director Chiu Keng Guan sure knows the recipe to success after a string of blockbusters movies such as The Journey and Ola Bola. Ola Bola premiered in late January and changed the local entertainment industry. The movie gave a fresh take on Malaysian movies and managed to do what many people can’t – uniting Malaysians. It was the perfect movie as Malaysian from all walks of life could easily identify with it, regardless of race, religion, and status.

Ola Bola is truly a ‘gift’ to Malaysians who are longing for a high-quality movie in terms of plotline and cinematography, which played along the themes of unity, friendship, and determination. Set in the 1980s and inspired by the true story of our national football squad which qualified to the Olympics, this movie will surely be remembered for decades to come.


Image: Skop Productions
Total gross: RM17,042,391.38 (Source: FINAS)

What happens when you come from a family of movie-makers and film industry influencers? You churn out mega blockbuster hits. Syamsul Yusof is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He’s a renowned actor, film director, and the son of the "six-million-dollar man”, Datuk Yusof Haslam. Following a successful string of movies such as KL Gangster (2011), the director cum actor made a grand comeback this year with his horror-flick, Munafik.

The movie starring himself (obviously) and also other A-list actors and actresses such as Nabila Huda and Pekin Ibrahim managed to give thousands of Malaysians restless nights and nightmares, which made it the talk of the town. It is currently the third top grossing movies of all time in Malaysia.

BoBoiBoy the Movie

Image: Animonsta Studios
Total gross: RM15,739,768.98 (Source: FINAS)

Move over Batman, Spiderman, and Iron Man, as Malaysia has its very own petite superhero – BoBoiBoy. BoBoiBoy is a successful and popular animation series which changed the landscape of Malaysia’s animation industry ever since its inception. It stands tall next to other local animation series such as Upin Ipin and Kampung Boy, and has its own following.

The movie was released about a week after Munafik, and it was amazing to see these two movies of the polar opposites able to do very well at the same time. The movie, which had a budget of RM5 million, managed to snag the prestigious 2016 Malaysian Film Festival award (FFM28) in the ‘Best Animated Feature Film’ category.

Malaysia boleh, indeed.

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