Emma Watson and Miles Teller Rejected 'La La Land'

And they totally regret it.

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Emma Watson and Miles Teller Rejected 'La La Land'
Image: Ace Showbiz
La La Land has been the latest darling of Hollywood films, especially after scooping 14 Oscar nominations last week! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are obviously singing happy tunes following their nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress in multiple other awards. Director Damian Chazelle had spent six long years in search for the right cast to play his leading man and lady, and he must be over the moon with the recognition the musical film has been receiving.
Image: Slash Film
However, the tune is less joyful for Miles Teller and Emma Watson, who missed out on the lead roles, The two, both represented by the same agency, were originally tipped to play Sebastian and Mia. At first, everyone thought that Watson had turned down the role to focus on her other singing debut in Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. But it turns out that some insiders have revealed both Watson and Teller were being “too demanding”.
Teller was offered US$4 million (RM17.7 million) to play the role but had apparently demanded US$6 million (RM26.6 million) instead. As for Watson, she had asked for rehearsals for the film to be done in London. The production team had actually tried their best to make it work for her, but she still felt that the film wasn’t right for her and later decided to drop out.
Image: Collider
And as we all know, the producers eventually cast a different Emma, and Ryan Gosling jumped on the bandwagon right away for a chance to work with Stone again. Now when La La Land is getting all sorts of awards recognition, Watson and Teller are apparently freaking out!
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We love you Emma Watson and Miles Teller, but you definitely tanked this one.

On a lighter note, have you seen La La Land? Do share your thoughts about the movie, and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s singing!

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