Just Drive To Singapore If You Want To Watch 'Beauty and the Beast'

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Don't judge.

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Just Drive To Singapore If You Want To Watch 'Beauty and the Beast'

Yes, it has come to this. 

Let's break it down, from the cost, to the route, and finally the closest cinema to the border. We will assume you want to catch the premier on March 16, but weekends don't affect your prices for transportation. We will also assume this is a day-trip only and you won't be staying overnight so calculations are for a return trip. Just get in, beast-mode on, leave. 

The Route

For the route, we're going to assume you leave from the SUBANG toll in Selangor and head for the Cathay Cineplex Causeway Point, the cinema closest to the boarder. You will pass through the Woodlands Checkpoint from then there are no tolls to the Cathay Cineplex. 

Transportation cost

Malaysian Tolls: It's RM93.80 exit at KEMPAS (return) & RM16.50 (return) to cross and return at the Johor Causeway
Autopass card in Singapore: S$10 or RM31.50 (complete this form)
Vehicle Entry Permit: FREE for the first 10 days per calendar year
Singapore Toll Charges: S$6.50 or RM20.48 (return between Woodlands Checkpoint) 
Petrol (353km [Subang to Cathay Cineplex Woodlands] @ 12km/l = 30-litres of petrol @ RM2.30): RM67.66 or RM135.32 (return)
TOTAL (return trip): RM297.60

Movie Tickets

You're going to be watching the movie here, at Causeway Point Mall. It was renovated recently so older photos you Google do not look like this. You'll be watching at Cathay Cineplex and parking here is S$1.20 per hour and $S0.60 for the next subsequent 30 minutes. Expect to spend three and a half hours so S$3 or RM9.45. As for the movie tickets, if you watch on a weekday before 6pm, it's S$15 for two tickets or S$22 for two tickets or RM47.23 and RM69.28. You can read about the 'buddy up' deal here.
TOTAL: RM56.68

SMH, Seriously?

Yes, seriously. Since Disney has taken a stance against the censorship, we really don't know when, or if ever, Beauty and the Beast will come out here in Malaysia.

While we commend Disney Malaysia for standing their ground, this writer is very disappointed that he won't be seeing Emma Watson on screen again. Especially after that Vanity Fair shoot. Think about it, divide the trip 4 ways, add another couple of tickets and it's only RM100.38 per person.

Yes, it's really an entitled millenial problem and not a solution for many of us here in Malaysia but it's the closest we've got right now. 

Damn, that's a lot of money. C'mon Disney Malaysia, stop this madness. Release the movie. Also, c'mon Malaysia Film Censorship Board, it's a children's movie. Effin' seriously? 

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