Let's Talk About Spidey's New Suit In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

With great new suit, comes great new features.

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Let's Talk About Spidey's New Suit In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
Image: Sony Pictures
On Tuesday, Sony Pictures broke the internet when they released the second trailer for the highly-anticipated superhero flick 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'.

In the new trailer, we see the friendly neighbourhood Spidey - played by Tom Holland - in a whole lot of different situations; facing off against The Vulture, saving random citizens, getting beat up by baddies and of course, teaming up with his Iron friend-slash-superhero father figure.

While every one was hooked to the 'wham, bam' action of the trailer, we couldn't help but notice that Spidey has a brand new Spidersuit which comes with a lot of cool toys.

Let's take a look at the said new toys, shall we?

Detachable Spider Logo

Right off the bat, we see Spidey's coolest toy: a detachable Spider-logo. We don't know what it is at the moment - it could be a mini drone or an emergency beacon - but we suspect that it's a Spider-Tracer, one of Peter Parker's greatest inventions. If Spidey wants you followed, he would plant a Spider-Tracer on you and the next thing you know, you will be lying face down on the floor questioning your life choices.

Auto-fitting costume

If there's one thing the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer taught us, it's that getting into your superhero costume is not an easy task. Which is why it is smart for Spidey (or Tony Stark) to equip the new costume with an auto-fitting function (similiar to the auto-lacing shoe in Back To The Future 2). In the first trailer, we saw the suit 'deflate' and in the new one, we see it auto-fitting to Peter Parker's body. If you spend less time zipping up your costume, you get to spend more time kicking butts.

Redesigned web-shooters

In one of the shots, we get a close-up of Spidey's brand new webshooters. If you take a closer look, you'll notice that one key component is missing: the trigger! The new shooter trigger is now a part of the costume, which got us thinking; maybe the black highlights that run from Spidey's belt all the way to his wrist are actually a part of the brand new web shooters. Rather than having to replace catridges in the shooters (like how Andrew Garfield did in The Amazing Spider-Man) every time they run out, the web fluid is pumped from the belt, travels through his shoulders and down through the arms. That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?


Timed webmines

Speaking of webbings, we spotted a brand new type of webbing we've not seen in any other Spider-Man films before: timed webmines. In the trailer, we see Spidey shooting a blob of web on a car door, and it automatically 'detonates' when a baddie stands next to it. Why shoot webbings at individual thugs when you can plant a surprise for them, right?


Holographic 3D map

We first saw the suit's holographic function in Captain America: Civil War, but this is an entirely different thing altogether. When Peter Parker's friend tries on the Spidersuit, we can see a holographic 3D map of New York City projecting from the webshooter (?). Perhaps it shows the exact location where crime is happening? Or maybe, Spidey is so bad with directions, Tony was forced to install Google Maps into the suit so that he won't turn up late to another Avengers meeting?


Yup, the glorious webwings will finally be making its appearance in a Spider-Man movie! When Stan Lee first created Spidey all the way back in 1962, the suit featured a pair of webwings under his arms. Spidey would occasionally glide around New York City with 'em wings, but as time went by, the wings were removed from the suit. So, it's actually pretty awesome that the director decides to pay homage to Spidey's origins, and since he's going up against The Vulture in this movie, we think he seriously needs it.

So, what do you think of Spidey's brand new suit? Like it? Hate it? Don't care? Let us know.

Oh, in case you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out here:

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in cinemas 7 July 2017.

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