Watch This Blind Player Destroy His Opponent In 'Street Fighter V'

It was his first ever 'Street Fighter' tournament.

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Watch This Blind Player Destroy His Opponent In 'Street Fighter V'
Image: YouTube

Taking part in an international video games tournament and going up against the best players in the world is no easy work.

More so when you're blind.

A gamer by the name of SVEN took part in Spain's Sonic Boom Tournament for Street Fighter V recently and he totally obliterated his opponent - all without being able to see what's going on on-screen!

Playing as fan favourite Ken, SVEN - who is from the Netherlands - played against Musashi's Akuma in a best-of-three series, which saw SVEN taking the round 2-1.

Despite being blind, SVEN was able to block and dodge Musashi's attacks and go in for the kill when he needed to:

After the event, SVEN, who reportedly lost his eyesight at the age of five due to cancer, told entertainment site Kotaku that he learnt to play the game just by listening to the game's audio.

“Street Fighter V has really good sound effects.

"I play with a headset on so I can hear left and right what’s going on. When a character’s kicking and punching they make sounds in different ways. You have to study the sounds for a long time,” he was quoted by the portal as saying.

According to SVEN, it's akin to how normal players learn to look at a character's animation cues - like how a character would shift its weight a split second before it goes in for a heavy punch or kick - and react to it almost subconciously. Only for him, he does it by reacting to auditory cues.

Image: Kotaku

Pretty insane, right?

​Unfortunately, SVEN did not make it into the bracket stage of the tournament, which - won't you believe it? - was his first ever! 

Here's another shocker: he reportedly bought a Playstation 4 just last year and he has only been playing Street Fighter V for less than a year.

With eSports gaining popularity here in Malaysia, we hope one day SVEN would be able to make his way to our shores for a Street Fighter V tournament or two.

In the meantime, check out SVEN's awesome match here:

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