Here They Come (Back) Just In Time… The Powerpuff Girls

Your favourite 90s cartoon show is getting an awesome reboot.

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Here They Come (Back) Just In Time… The Powerpuff Girls
Image: Playbuzz

Remember those days as a kid when you looked forward to hearing these words – “sugar, spice and everything nice”? And how pumped up you were singing along to the lines of “fighting crime, trying to save the world, here they come just in time…The Powerpuff Girls!”. Admit it; you still can’t get their catchy theme song out of your head even after nine years since their show last aired (we know we can’t). If you miss the girls as well, fret not as Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup a.k.a the awesome trio we secretly wanted to be a part of as a kid are making a comeback in an all new reboot show.


Here’s a first look of the reboot released by Cartoon Network back in February:

Don't Call Me Princess from Cartoon Network PR on Vimeo.

The new series will also feature an all new voice cast starring Amanda Leighton, Kristen Li, and Natalie Palamides. The announcement of the new cast caused some stir with some fans as they thought the whole show was getting a makeover. Don’t worry guys, they might sound a little different, but they’re practically the same ol’ girls we all know.

Image: Facebook

The reboot is scheduled to debut this April according to Cartoon Network but word on the street is it'll debut in Malaysia on the 2nd of May. But, if you anxious and need a dose of PPG to cure that childhood-memory-retention syndrome, here’s an original new short featuring the new cast:

Anyway, if you’re still down with The Powerpuff Girls fever, here’s an app called Powerpuff Yourself where you can make your own Powerpuff Girl (or guy) to look just like you!


Some fans were even so rajin to create a few Powerpuff Girls/Guys to look like their favourite celebrities.

Image: Twitter

Look at how cute Chris Evans is?!

Image: Twitter

That outfit of Bey is sooo spot on (Y)

Here's a #PowerpuffYourself we made:

(Although we kinda wish there's a hijab option as well, lol)

And here’s our editor looking all Powerpuff-ied who initially was against the idea of this article.

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