There Will Be At Least 14 (!!) More 'Transformers' Movies, According To Michael Bay

Holy Bumblebee!

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There Will Be At Least 14 (!!) More 'Transformers' Movies, According To Michael Bay
Image: Paramount Pictures
Whether you like the movies or not, Transformers is here to stay - for a very long time!

The Master of Boom, Michael Bay, let slip the information during a preview event for The Last Knight - the title of the upcoming Transformers movie - held in London on Tuesday.

According to website, the 52-year-old filmmaker said Paramount Pictures has at least 14 new story ideas in development right now.

The writers of the Transformers films reportedly worked on the stories while they were wrapping up The Last Knight, according to Bay.

Autobots, transform and roll out (to the bank!) Image: Paramount Pictures

At the moment, it looks like The Last Knight will set up the foundation for potential sequels and spin-offs, including a solo Bumblebee movie, which is slated to be released sometime in 2018.

But the question that's on everyone's mind is: will Michael Bay be blowing anything up in any of these 14 films?

The answer is most probably no, as he has stressed time and time again that The Last Knight - set to hit Malaysian cinemas on 22 June this year - will be his final Transformers film ever.

Then again, the last time he said no, this happened:

Totally destroyed like Cybertron

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