MBO Cinemas Introduce The First Ever 4D Cinema Experience In Malaysia!

Imagine how freaky it’ll be if the chairs suddenly rocked during a horror movie.

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MBO Cinemas Introduce The First Ever 4D Cinema Experience In Malaysia!
Image & logo: MBO Cinemas
What normally comes to mind when someone says they’re going on a 4D experience? Well for us, it’ll be rocking chairs, strobe lights, gushing winds from God knows where, and water sprinkles; all of which you can find on a 4D ride at a theme park.

But what if someone offered the world a 4D experience brought to the silver screens?

Imagine how thrilling it’ll be watching movies like Fast and Furious while the chairs move to emulate the car chase scenes. Or how horrifying it must be while you're watching horror movies. Just thinking about it makes us wonder how amazing the experience would be.

Well, the good news is, now you can experience it in the flesh!

Thanks to MBO Cinemas, they have brought in the first 4D cinematic experience in Malaysia!

Patrons experiencing the 4D seats.

Each chair is equipped with state-of-the-art motion effects and comes with 11 built-in effects.

There’s even a feature where you can literally smell the roses! Fascinating, right?


The 4D cinema is only available at their flagship cinema in the Starling Mall, Uptown Damansara.

You must be thinking that this experience will cost a bomb, but lo and behold, it’s priced at ridiculously cheap price tag of RM20!

MBO wants to make this experience affordable to all of its customers so that everyone can enjoy this new cinematic feature.

The 'canggih'-looking seats.

Besides the 4D cinema, a few other new innovative cinemas MBO is offering at the Starling Mall are MBO Kecil, MBO Big Screen, and MBO Premier.

MBO Kecil

Look how colourful the cinema is! That slide at the end looks very inviting!

MBO Kecil is a concept hall catered to parents and children of all ages. It’s equipped with comfy sofa beds, bean bags and even has its own playground right beneath the theatre screen. Yes, you can find an actual playground slide in here.

If you’re a parent who’s constantly worrying that your child might scream or misbehave during traditional movie screenings, then this hall is definitely for you.

Your kids are free to roam around, run, scream, and play to their hearts desire throughout the movie.

The lights in the cinema are dimly lit so that you can see your kids and supervise them.

MBO Big Screen

MBO Big Screen. Look how amazing it is!

When MBO told us they were going to show us its big screen cinema, they weren’t kidding.

The gigantic screen towered from the floor to the ceiling. Equipped with a laser RGB projector, the first of its kind in Malaysia, this cinema gives movie-goers an experience that’ll surely satisfy their inner movie buff.

During our tour, we were treated to a screening of Beauty and the Beast in this very cinema and let us tell you, what an awesome experience it was!

The screen was so huge, it’d make you look like an ant if you stood in front of it.

MBO Premier

The reclining seats.

Have you ever been to a cinema where all its chairs are made of luxurious leather, complete with a movable table and reclining chair features?

You can find all these good stuff in MBO Premier.
MBO Premier offers this new luxurious experience to make you feel so comfortable that you “may even forget that you’re sitting in a theatre.”

Patrons who indulge in MBO Premier will also be treated to a goodie bag consisting of snacks and drinks to further compliment your cinematic experience.

So, after reading all of this, we’re pretty sure you’re very excited to catch a movie and try out one of these unique movie theatres.

MBO Starling is now open to public and you can find them on the fifth floor of the Starling Mall at Uptown Damansara. For more info, visit their Facebook page

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