8 Most Ridiculous Scenes From The 'Fast & Furious' Series

Racing a tank, anyone?

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8 Most Ridiculous Scenes From The 'Fast & Furious' Series
Here's the formula to making a great summer blockbuster: all-star cast, groundbreaking visual effects and non-stop action.

For the Fast & Furious series, they added one more equation to the formula: ridiculous, oh-no-way-he-just-did-that car stunts!

But hey, we're not complaining, because the F&F movies have been really, really entertaining.

In conjunction with the release of Fast & Furious 8 - set to open in Malaysian cinemas on 13 April - we take a look back at some of the most insane stunts Dominic & Co. have pulled in the entire movie franchise:

Racing a train (The Fast & The Furious)

Back when the stunts in the movies were still a little bit realistic, the climax of the first F&F saw Dominic and Brian doing a quarter-mile race - right in front of a speeding train! Spoiler alert: they survived.

Flying a car into a yacht (2 Fast 2 Furious)

If a baddie is getting away on a yacht, what would you do? Look for a speedboat and chase after it? Call the Coast Guard for help? Or you just let them get away, vowing to catch them another day? Well, if you're Brian O'Conner, you fly your Camaro into the yacht. No risk, no reward.

Facing off against a rolling gas tanker (Fast & Furious)

If you see a gas tanker rolling down the hill in front of you, there's only one thing you can do: grow a pair of cojones like Vin Diesel, give it your best death stare and drive towards it. We mean, what's the worse that could happen, right?

Dragging a bank vault all around the city (Fast Five)

We don't know if this is even possible in real life - on top of our heads, we're gonna go with no - but this stunt shows that if you have two American muscle cars, you can rob any bank in the world. 

Getting chased on the highway - by a friggin' tank! (Fast & Furious 6)

You know sh*t just got real (and the movies have ditched common sense) when the baddie has to break out a tank just to stop you from, umm, stopping him. We don't know how many horsepower that thing has, but who cares when IT'S A FRIGGIN' TANK!

Driving a car through a plane's nose (Fast & Furious 6)

By the time we reached F&F6, anything is possible - including driving a car through an entire cargo plane and exiting through its nose in dramatic fashion. That's what you get for charging us extra, AirAsia!

Dropping cars out of airplanes (Fast & Furious 7)

While this is not the most practical way to catch up to a bus - not to mention that it's going to cost a lot of money - it's definitely cool as hell, though. But, props to the production team because the entire scene was filmed without the use of CGI. Yes, they actually threw the cars out of a plane!

Flying across skyscrapers (Fast & Furious 7)

Ahh, the crème de la crème of the insanity we know as Fast & Furious. There's probably no scene in movie history that's more ridiculous than flying a RM15million Lykan Hypersport from one skyscraper to another in the middle of Dubai. But hey, we loved it though.

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