ICYMI: The AsNTM Episode That Had Our Eyes Rolling…Literally

It involves a lot of crying, screaming, profanities…and the screaming of profanities.

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ICYMI: The AsNTM Episode That Had Our Eyes Rolling…Literally
Image: Asia's Next Top Model
Image: AsNTM Facebook page

Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM) is back with a bang for their fourth cycle. The latest instalment to this reality TV show saw some changes in their judges’ line up. Thai-American model, Cindy Bishop was chosen as the host and head judge joined by everyone’s favourite creative consultant, Yu Tsai. This season by far has been the most controversial and talked about cycle – and it’s only been four episodes into the season! Prior to the start of this season, our Malaysian representative and home girl, Tuti Noor received a lot of flak and backlash from the public for being the first Muslim woman to make it into this competition. You might think that this issue alone is controversial enough to last till the end of the season, but wait till you watch the fourth episode.

Here’s what happened: the contestants were given a challenge to pose in long gowns while a car sped towards them. Some executed the task gracefully while others fell short of it. The drama unfolds during the judging session when one of the guest judges (who also happens to be the executive director of the car company featured in the photoshoot) felt offended because of the South Korean participant, Sang-in during the shoot. He literally screamed “Who the f*** do you think you are to roll your eyes at me? If I were your client, I would never ever hire you!” Instead of rolling eyes, everyone’s eyes popped out in disbelief after he dropped the F-bomb.

Watch the clip here:
AsNTM4 - Episode 4 Promo

Get ready for an exhilarating episode of Asia's Next Top Model! The girls put the pedal to the metal in a high-adrenaline photoshoot. On top of that, it's the moment we've all been waiting for - Yu Tsai Photo! Catch next week's intense episode of Asia's Next Top Model at 9pm on STAR World Asia

Posted by Asia's Next Top Model on Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sang-in broke into tears immediately; she apologized to him and even did a Korean bow to express regret over her actions. His words led to dissatisfaction among the show’s fans as they felt he went overboard and was unprofessional.  A fan commented that just because he was a sponsor, it did not give him the privilege to yell at Sang-in. Other fans on the other hand, applauded Sang-in for handling the situation humbly and offered her support.

The drama didn’t end there – during the double elimination, Gwen and Aldilla received the lowest scores which meant that both of them were leaving the competition. Plot twist: Cindy calls out another contestant, Alaiza Malinao of the Philippines to ask her if she really wants to stay in this competition because she thought that Aldilla had more passion and potential to stay in the competition. Alaiza agreed to exit the competition which meant that Aldilla was saved. Viewers at home were left speechless and many of them thought to themselves “WTF just happened?!” Cindy was later called out online for being unethical and unprofessional. A lot of fans felt that she was bias and had embarrassed Alaiza.
MUST-WATCH! The BIAS episode of AsNTM!

Watch this! This is how disappointing and outraging Asia's Next Top Model S4 is!What would you do if your head coach/mentor invites or asks you to quit and leave the competition? I think, I would probably just do the same thing what ALAIZA MALINAO did last night. The show is already fucking bullshit and the host, Cindy Sirinya Bishop, the very unprofessional and bias host in the history of Asia's Next Top Model, is already fucking up.Tyra Banks, is it morally and ethically right to let another contestant be a replacement to someone who got eliminated just because the host doesn't want her to leave the competition? Isn't it so unfair to Alaiza Malinao? Where's justice there? As far as we remembered, you, Tyra Banks and the previous hosts of AsNTM never ever did that to any of the ladies.We know that Ms. Alaiza Malinao was just asked by Cindy and not forced to leave. But if you're in her position, with that Cindy's hatred look on her, you will just choose to quit because it's not worthy to stay anymore as to the embarrassment she received and discouragement from a mentor who lets you feel that you're not deserving to stay here anymore.Is this really the essence of Next Top Model? Pulling others down just to bring your favorites to the top? Just because the bottom two are crying out so much there, doesn't mean that they are already more deserving than the other contestants. And just because Alaiza Malinao is not showing any facial interest, doesn't mean that she's not determined and persevered to win. Where's your sense of respect and sensitivity? Judges are so shallow. Show some respect to all your contestants.WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ALAIZA MALINAO!We know that the competition is already done and there's already a winner, BUT, we will never let this pass.And we just want to quote what Alaiza posted on her IG accoount. "P.S. I do LOVE modeling. I just didn't like how the modeling is in this show." (This speaks a lot about your show)We want to hear your thoughts and opinions about this. Message us or comment below.LIKE us on facebook --> THE PAGEANT AUTHORITY

Posted by THE PAGEANT AUTHORITY on Thursday, 31 March 2016

News of this drama spread like wildfire and even caught the attention of the show’s creator, Tyra Banks.

Some fans responded to her by saying “Tyra would never have done something like that!” We couldn’t help but to agree.
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After the episode aired, Alaiza responded by uploading a photo on her Instagram with the caption “For now, I would like to say KEEP YOUR INTEGRITY AND ALWAYS STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF!” and signed off with “P.S. I do love modelling. And that’s the truth...” She received a lot of support from her fans and some even speculated Alaiza was kinda ‘pressured’ into leaving the show after she was called out during eliminations.


Personally, we think that some of the actions may have been a publicity stunt to boost their ratings but it’s unfortunate that the girls were the victims of it. Regardless of what has happened, we’re pretty sure everybody is now eager to watch the next episode to see if any new drama brews up. In the meantime, we’ll keep on rooting for our girl Tuti, and hope she takes home the coveted title! #TeamMalaysia #TeamTuti
Image: Asia's Next Top Model

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