The KL Comedy Festival Is Back, So Be Prepared To Gain A Six-Pack From LOL-ing!

The festival is curated by Harith Iskander himself.

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The KL Comedy Festival Is Back, So Be Prepared To Gain A Six-Pack From LOL-ing!
Image: KLICFest 2017
Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you laughed until you're doubled over, tears in your eyes and your stomach hurting?

Well, if your answer is 'too long', we have some excellent news for you!

The Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival (KLICFest) is back for the second year running, and you can be sure that this time, things are bigger, better and funnier.

The festival's program is curated than none other than the Funniest Person in The World, Harith Iskander, himself. 

The event officially kicked off on Friday (21 April) and will last til Sunday (23 April). The Festival will take place at Black Box and The Bee in Publika.

This time around, the KLICFest 2017 features performances from some of Malaysia's finest comedic acts (Andrew Netto and Kavin Jay) as well as some of the biggest international comedians (Paul Ogata and Prince Abdi, to name a few). 

In fact, Harith has also roped in some of his comedian friends from the recent Laugh Factory's Funniest Person competition, so yes, you guys better bring along your inhalers and a box of tissues.

Some of the comedy shows you can expect at KLICFest 2017 include Harith Iskander’s Making S#it Up, Stendap Komedi 1, Afdlin Shauki’s Standing Up Singing Vol 3, and Nabil Ahmad's MeleSTOP!, amongst others. 

Here comes the most important question: how much for the LOLs?

A daily pass which entitles you to six shows per day inclusive of additional two shows on Friday is available at only RM158. To conclude the event, Encik Harith Iskander will be conducting a motivational talk on 23 April at 5pm at The Bee, Publika. The ticket for the talk goes for RM45 for adults and RM35 for children.

For more information and ticketing details on the festival, head on over to the KLICFest 2017 Facebook page.

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