7 Bands That Should Be Performing in Malaysia Right Now

Come on lah guys, it’s about time.

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7 Bands That Should Be Performing in Malaysia Right Now
WE WANT COLDPLAY! (Image: Rolling Stone)
We bet everyone who’s reading this has a list of bands that they’re just dying to see perform live. Some of you might be lucky to get it crossed off, while the others – just like us are waiting for what seems to be an eternity. Our beloved bands would most likely skip our country or prolly don’t even know we exist (but it’s weird that they include our neighbouring countries in their tours) and as for the rest? They just wouldn’t dare to step foot into our country thanks to a few badly organized events or worse; cancelled concerts by the authorities. While hoping for a miracle to happen and trying to keep our hopes high, let’s take a look at a list of bands that should really really really come to Malaysia to perform. #fingerscrossed

1. Coldplay

GIF: Giphy
If you’ve never heard of Coldplay, chances are you’ve been living under a rock, somewhere far away, like Pluto. Coldplay has one of the largest fan bases across the world and to be able to catch them performing live isn’t just part of a bucket list but it’s more of a thing that you really need to do before you die. Imagine how beautiful it is to be a part of a 10,000-something crowd singing 'Fix You' together with Chris Martin. *wipes tears of hope*

2. Arctic Monkeys

Image: Ali Express
To all 'Mardy Bums' out there, get ready to party 'When the Sun Goes Down' *if* they come and play for us. We bet that you’d look good on the dance floor dancing away to the tunes of Arctic Monkeys. Just listening back to their album circa 2006-2009 brings back a lot of high school memories. These boys are definitely one of the coolest cats around to grace our ears with their indie-rock sounds. So guys, can you please like come here and perform ASAP?

3. Foo Fighters

Image: The Guardian
It’s probably time for the Foo Fighters to 'Learn To Fly' straight to Malaysia! Get ready to be amazed with the showmanship these boys have in store for you! Not only that, Dave Grohl is one of those guys who’ll put up a kick-a** show regardless of the circumstances. Don’t believe us? He continued touring and performing in style despite breaking his leg an acted like it was no big deal. What an inspiration! Keep rocking on, Dave.

4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Image: Telegraph
Recently, RHCP have hinted that they will be releasing a new album after four years. What better way to celebrate this awesome news than to hope that subsequently a tour will be announced and dear ol’ Malaysia will be included. If it happens, well… let’s just say that the announcement alone will get our adrenaline pumping and we’ll probably lose our minds.

5. System of A Down

All you metal heads out there will most probably cry tears of blood if SOAD ever decides to come to Malaysia to perform. Anyway, just thinking of them performing here would really be a rare occurrence because Malaysia being Malaysia…they’d probably think twice, thrice, or a gazillion times before deciding to come here. Unless they go all rock star-mode and couldn’t be bothered by whatever has happened in the past then maybe, just maybe, there is a glimmer of hope. One more thing, come on lah guys, it’s about time y'all produce a new album.

6. Florence + The Machine

Image: NME
Florence Welch is the kind of person with a quirky aesthetic and the magical ability to transport us into another dimension while performing. You can expect to see extravagant or beautiful stage sets along with exquisite, hipster-ish outfits to complement her performance. We definitely 'Got The Love' for her and can’t wait to see her 'Shake It Out' one day in Malaysia.

7. Bring Me The Horizon

Image: Playbuzz
Here’s another band you metal heads wouldn’t want to miss performing live. These British lads have announced that they will be in Singapore for their gig soon so let’s just pray that they’ll add Malaysia into the list. But in light of recent news as what happened to Australian band, I Killed The Prom Queen, we won’t get our hopes too high. Unless, there’s a super-efficient event organiser who won’t let the same mistake happen twice.

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