Tom Hardy Just Proved That He Is A Real Life Action Hero

It was like a scene straight out of an action movie!

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Tom Hardy Just Proved That He Is A Real Life Action Hero
Most fans would consider a face to face encounter with hunky actor Tom Hardy their luckiest day on earth.

I mean, just look at that smile!
But for two teenagers, it was a misfortune.
The 39-year-old actor demonstrated that he wasn’t just an action hero on the silver screen when he reportedly caught a pair of suspected thieves in London.
Eyewitnesses told US entertainment site E! Online that the Mad Max star jumped into action when he saw the two 16-year-olds attempt to escape after crashing their bike into a car.
One of them was apprehended but the rider managed to flee the scene.
Next thing you know, Hardy went on a Hollywood-style chase through gardens and a building site, caught the teen, checked him for weapons, checked his ID, and handed him over to the police.
Don't mess.
We can imagine it must have looked like it came straight out of an action movie!
A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told BBC that the two teenagers were involved in a motorbike theft and have been arrested on suspicion of various motoring offences.
Hardy was believed to be walking down the road when he saw the crash happen and sprang into action hero mode.
Don't try to be funny with me.
Clearly, he isn’t a man you want to mess with!

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