Malaysia To Serve As Backdrop For Official Bruce Lee Biopic

Filming is set to begin soon.

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Malaysia To Serve As Backdrop For Official Bruce Lee Biopic
Image: SBS

Welcome to Malaysia, Little Dragon!

Over the years, we've seen a number of movies being filmed in Malaysia - Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth was filmed in Perak and Bollywood film Don which starred Shah Rukh Khan was filmed almost entirely in Kuala Lumpur - and we can soon add one more movie to the list.

According to a report by US entertainment magazine Variety, the authorised biopic of screen legend Bruce Lee will begin shooting this summer - in Malaysia!

The late Hong Kong actor's daughter, Shannon Lee, will reportedly be producing the movie under her production house Bruce Lee Entertainment.

Lee told the news portal that the film - titled Little Dragon after Bruce's screen name Lee Xiao Loong - will be based on her late father's life in Hong Kong during the 1950s, before he became a famous movie star.

“I always thought that a film about how my father’s life was shaped in his early years in Hong Kong would be a worthwhile story to share so we could better understand him as a human being and a warrior,” Lee was quoted by Variety as saying.

Wax on, wax off.
Famed Indian biographer Shekhar Kapur will reportedly direct the film.

Variety also reported that Little Dragon is currently in pre-production and casting directors are still reportedly still looking for a talent to play Lee in his teenage years.

However, the news report did not mention where in Malaysia specifically the filming will take place, but they did mention, however, that shooting is expected to take place sometime in July this year.

Oh, just a note: Little Dragon will also be shot in China, so it's not an exclusive made-in-Malaysia movie (although that would be pretty cool, no?).

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