Lebanon Becomes First Country In The World To Ban The Screening of ‘Wonder Woman’. Here’s Why!

No movie, no queue.

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Lebanon Becomes First Country In The World To Ban The Screening of ‘Wonder Woman’. Here’s Why!
Image: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.
Almost everyone around the world has been anticipating the premiere of DC’s Wonder Woman. Fans of the comic series were highly curious yet excited to find out how the movie would turn out. Will it be a success or a total flop (hint: Batman vs. Superman)?

While people are busy queueing up to get tickets to catch Wonder Woman all over the world, one particular country decided that no one would need to queue up to get the tickets. Why? Because they decided to ban it altogether.

Lebanon became the first country in the world to ban the movie. Their bold move is due to the long-standing boycott of Jewish state, Israel.

The lead role of the movie is played by an Israeli actress – former Miss Israel Universe 2004 Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Israel and Lebanon haven’t been on good terms for decades and are still technically at war since their conflict started in 1982 when the Israeli army sieged Beirut on the purpose of attacking the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.

The Lebanese views the Jewish state as an enemy and will do everything they can to boycott any business transactions involving Israel.

And here's the thing: Gadot is not only an actress but she also served time in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Yes, she's a real-life soldier (a hot one at that, too).

She is known to support the IDF and has previously defended her country over their sick decision to continuously attack the Gaza Strip which caused thousands of Palestinians including women and children to lose their lives.

After the Gaza-Israeli conflict worsened in 2014, Gadot openly defended and supported the IDF through an Instagram post which attracted a lot of mixed reactions from her fans.

Lebanese picking up their pitchforks like...
So, how did fans of Wonder Woman in Lebanon take it?

Well, apparently not really well. 

The movie ban has caused a backlash in the country as some voice their dissatisfaction on why the government is only taking action now. The country has previously screened movies that starred Gal Gadot such as Batman vs. Superman and Fast & Furious.

Others view the ban as a waste of time as they will end up finding the movie on the Internet and watching it online. However, there are also a number of people who support the ban and are happy with the Lebanese government’s decision.

Whatever it is, we will most probably be watching Wonder Woman this weekend. *grabs popcorn*

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