Apple Is Attempting Reality TV With Its First Show

You'll never guess the name.

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Apple Is Attempting Reality TV With Its First Show
Image: Macworld
Ever thought that Apple, a tech mammoth that specialises in making one of the most popular smartphones and computers in the world today, would delve into reality TV?
Probably not.
But that’s exactly what Apple did.
The home of iPhones and Macs has attempted to break into Hollywood with its first reality TV series called Planet of the Apps.
We promise you that wasn’t a typo.
The show is about a group of app developers trying to impress another group of talented and very famous people with their creations.

And guess who’s in it?

Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and!

Looks more like a panel for a talent show than a tech show tbh. 
In this 10-episode series, the three celebrities, along with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk serve as panel judges to whom developers and entrepreneurs have to make a 60-second pitch.
At the end of the 60 seconds, the celebrity judges will then determine if anyone will care about their app by swiping either left or right a la Tinder.
Those who get the green light will receive funding to take their apps to the next level and hopefully create the next big thing.
This programme is actually Apple’s move to producing original content, mimicking the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

The first episode of Planet of the Apps aired on Tuesday night and is now available for free on Apple Music and iTunes. To keep up with the following episodes every week, you will have to be an Apple Music subscriber.

Who's watching?

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