10 Years After ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’: 10 Best Scenes To Relive The Magic

The Boy Who Lived will indeed forever ‘live’ on in our hearts and memory.

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10 Years After ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’: 10 Best Scenes To Relive The Magic
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On 11 July 2007, witches, wizards, and muggles alike waited in excitement for the premiere of the fifth installment of the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.

It was truly a magical day as we were given a darker insight on what happens to Harry and his friends in the midst of the high-tension drama between Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, and of course, Lord Voldermort.

Since we don’t have a time-turner watch like Hermoine, let’s look back at ten of the most exciting scenes in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix to relive the magical memory ten years after its premiere.

#1 Dementor Attack

Dudley’s been giving Harry such a hard time throughout the movies, so he kind of deserved it when a dementor sucked the happiness out of him. But, we do feel a tad bit sorry for him at the end of the ordeal.

#2 Dumbledore’s Army Practicing Their Patronus Charm

Admit it, the moment you saw everyone finding out what they patronuses were, you really wished that you were part of this secret society. Well, the good news is, you can somewhat find out what your patronus is on Pottermore minus the Expecto Patronum part.

#3 Dolores Umbridge And Her Cruel “I Must Not Tell Lies” Punishment

We know this isn’t exactly the ‘best’ scene in this movie, but it is needed to be memorable for all the wrong reasons – child abuse. The way this wicked delusional lady smirks when the writings were magically etched on Harry’s hand raises all sorts of red flags. You can agree that she’s probably even worse than Voldermort.

#4 Dumbledore’s Got Style

After ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ led by Harry Potter cover was blown, the Minister of Magic and a few government officials came to Hogwarts to arrest Dumbledore for conspiracy and sedition. But Dumbledore, being the greatest wizard off all time, evaded the arrest with the help of his phoenix, Fawkes, in the coolest way possible.

#5 Snape’s Worst Memory

After getting frustrated with Snape during his Occlumeny class with the professor, he accidently peeked into one of Snape’s most daunting memories involving Harry’s dad, James Potter and his friends.

#6 Umbridge Getting Attacked In The Forbidden Forest

She’s the worst kind of teacher one could ever get, and we dare say she's even worse than conman Professor Gilderoy Lockheart. After intensively grilling Harry and Hermoine about Dumbledore, Hermoine decides to bring her to the Forbidden Forest for a taste of her own medicine. Harry inflicts a third-degree burn to Umbridge’s ego when he asks him to tell Gwarp and the centaurs that she means no harm, to which Harry replied: “Sorry professor, but I must not tell lies.” WIN!

#7 Fred & George Weasley Wreak Havoc And Quit Hogwarts

While everyone is quietly sitting for their O.W.L examination, Fred and George decide they’ve had enough of Dolores Umbridge’s antics and proceed to wreak havoc. They loveable menacing duo sets off tonnes of fireworks and pranks that scares the life out of Umbridge. Professor Flitwick's reaction at the end is truly epic!

#8 The Search For The Prophecy At The Department Of Mysteries

Imagine working at the department as someone who keeps track of the inventory and you have no choice but to look on helplessly as centuries worth of magical glass globes get destroyed within seconds, thanks to a bunch of Death Eaters and Hogwarts students.

#9 Sirius Black Getting Killed

We know life is unfair, and we partly blame J.K. Rowling for orchestrating this part of the series. Bellatrix LeStrange kills Sirius Black during the fight between the Death Eaters and members of the Order of the Phoenix at the Department of Mysteries. R.I.P the best godfather ever.

#10 Dumbledore vs. Voldermort

This duel will probably go down in the history book as one of the greatest duels ever! The intense battle caused great damage to the Ministry of Magic’s lobby – shattered windows, broken fountain and leaving trails of debris everywhere. But it was Cornelius Fudge’s priceless reaction after discovering Voldermort's return that takes the cake.

So Potterheads, what was your favourite scene? Share it with us in the comments section!

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