From KL To LA, Hunny Madu And Radio3000 Team Up For Their New Single, "Get Money"

It's the new hustler's anthem.

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From KL To LA, Hunny Madu And Radio3000 Team Up For Their New Single,
Image: Warner Music Malaysia
Malaysian artists continue to cross borders as yet another local singer has recently collaborated with an American hip-hop artist.
Hunny Madu and Radio3000 just released their brand new single “Get Money”, a song full of powerful verses that speak for all the hustlers who are struggling to make a living.
The track echoes the hard labour and long journey it has gone through leading to the official release.

The two artists first came up with the song at the living room of Hunny’s family home.
“He contacted me one day and asked to work on a song together. So he brought all his recording equipment in a suitcase and came to my mom’s house,” Hunny said during a Warner Music Malaysia event we were invited to recently.
“As soon as we heard the beat for “Get Money”, we got the chorus right away. It really spoke about our struggles as artists because people tend to think that we’re all about glam. But we do struggle and hustle in our own way.”
It took Hunny and Radio another two recording sessions to build on the song and perfect the sound.
Radio and Hunny first met at a concert where Hunny performed with Kayda.
After previewing it with the producers in the States and receiving positive feedback from other artists in the scene there, “Get Money” was delivered back to homeground more than one year later.
Radio, who has also collaborated with other Malaysian artists like SonaOne, Kayda and Arabyrd, sees great potential in the urban music industry in Malaysia.
“I study your industry and I think this is the industry that is going to explode,” the rapper said.
“I say it’s like the 90s because that’s when urban music was huge. The 90s was the epitome of hip hop and urban music. So if people were to pay attention to the industry here now, they’ll realise that Malaysia is doing something big.”
The duo shares the same sentiment about using music as a tool to bridge the gap between two different cultures and countries.
“Coming from the US and urban community where hip hop was derived from, and to be able to going round the world and see other people liking that style, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come,” Radio said.
As an Asian female hip hop artist, Hunny takes this as an opportunity to explore the scene in the States and break the stereotype.
Besides being a singer-songwriter, Hunny is also a TV host and entrepreneur.
“I pursue music because it’s my passion. If the music takes me there because of my passion and drive, then why not? I don’t see it as something I must do, but I see it as an opportunity. If someone gives you an opportunity, you should try,” she said.
Hunny believes in staying true to herself as an artist and making sure that she doesn’t get too hung up on making a hit.
“Of course, I want it to be a hit. If it’s a hit, that’s awesome. But also at the same time, it will be good to pave the way for the future. If this sound is not accepted now, it could be accepted in a few years’ time or when I retire and people remember my song. That for me is already a big accomplishment,” she shared.
“What I try to do as an artist is not try to be just like everyone else, be Hunny Madu. If people can’t accept me now, they can accept me later.”
Radio is also positive about tackling the challenges that they may encounter as new artists trying to do something that hasn’t been done before.
“We’ll keep on knocking on those doors until we get through them and get our vision to come alive,” he said.

Congratulations to Hunny Madu and Radio3000 on the new single! We look forward to see more cross-cultural collaborations like this in the near future.
You can now stream “Get Money” on all digital streaming platforms.

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