KRU's Second Animated Movie Called 'Wheely' Looks Kinda Familiar...

Set to be released in 2018.

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KRU's Second Animated Movie Called 'Wheely' Looks Kinda Familiar...
Image: KRU Studios
Fans of our local entertainment industry will be delighted to learn that a new locally-produced animated movie is set to invade the silver screen next year.

KRU Studios have confirmed that they will be releasing their latest animated movie, Wheely, early next year. This is KRU’s second foray into animated movies after their first movie, Ribbit, debuted in 2014.

The movie is currently in its post-production phase and is slated to be screened in 80 countries such as China, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Poland.

In a nutshell, Wheely is a movie about talking motor vehicles, somewhat akin to Disney’s Cars.

“It is partly inspired by the Disney film Cars, but its cast is wholly Malaysian in their dialogue and mannerisms,” KRU Studios CEO Datuk Norman Abdul Halim told the New Straits Times.

Despite the resemblance, the 3D animated movie will be set in a city inspired by the present-day Kuala Lumpur called Gasket City which is operated by cars instead of humans.

The movie tells the tale of a taxi named Wheely who desires to be the “king of the road” but has to go through various challenges in order to protect his loved ones.

The yellow taxi looks a lot like the ones we see in New York, and we couldn't help but to secretly wish it resembled more of our local red-white taxis instead.

Wheely will also be released in conjunction with KRU’s 25th anniversary.

There will be two versions of the film: one in English and another one in Bahasa Malaysia to cater to our local market.

“The English version will feature the voice talents of American actors, while the Malay version will use the voices of our popular celebrities,” Norman said.

Well, looks promising, we can’t wait to catch this movie next year!

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