Henry Golding To Star In New Thriller With Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick

The TV host-turned-actor is definitely going places!

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Henry Golding To Star In New Thriller With Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick
Image: The Hollywood Reporter
Henry Golding might just be well on his way to becoming Hollywood’s next big thing.
After landing his first movie and lead role in Crazy Rich Asians, the TV host-turned-actor is already booked for his next project, Lionsgate’s thriller A Simple Favor.
In an exclusive report by The Hollywood Reporter, Golding will co-star alongside Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in the film.
Golding recently wrapped up filming for 'Crazy Rich Asians'.
A Simple Favor is helmed by director Paul Feig whose popular works include Ghostbusters, Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy.
Based on a book by Darcey Bell, the upcoming thriller follows the story of a mommy blogger Stephanie (Kendrick) who is on a quest to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily’s (Lively) sudden disappearance from the small town they live in.
Emily’s husband Sean, played by Golding, joins Stephanie in a journey filled with twists, revelations, betrayal, murder and revenge.
Sounds almost like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, thrillers in the same vein where the female protagonist vanishes from a seemingly perfect relationship.
The production is scheduled to begin 14 August in Toronto and Golding, who is currently based in Singapore, can’t wait to work on his new gig.

Very exciting new project to be working on with @paulfeig and his team... Toronto here we come! Xx

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Congratulations again to Henry Golding! We're just as excited as you are to catch your new films!

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