If You Want To Watch Bruno Mars Live In Malaysia, It May Now Cost You An Arm, A Leg And Your Kidneys Too

Scalpers were seen selling the tickets for a crazy amount of money!

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If You Want To Watch Bruno Mars Live In Malaysia, It May Now Cost You An Arm, A Leg And Your Kidneys Too
Image: YouTube/Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars fans, you should know by now that tickets to his concert in Malaysia have, sadly, sold out in just under an hour.

The concert, scheduled to take place next year on 9 May at the Axiata Arena, is set to be a full house event, according to a statement released by PR Worldwide, the organiser of the concert:

Even though the tickets sales were carried out 10 months in advance and also in the middle of the month when most of our pockets are anxiously waiting for the next pay cheque, this definitely didn’t deter many Malaysian fans’ undying semangat to virtually queue up early in the morning to secure their tickets.

However, it is sad to note that some of these ‘semangat’ fans are actually scalpers.

Just an hour after the tickets sold out, these unauthorised sellers can be found selling off their tickets via StubHub and Viagogo.

The price? Probably as much as Bruno’s 24k magic. Literally.

The price for the Category 1 tickets shot up to RM4,256 which was originally sold for only RM888 via My Ticket Asia and PR Worldwide’s website. That’s almost FIVE times the original selling price! Crazy, right?

Make sure you don't get conned ok for the price tag you're paying.
As for Category 2 and Category 3, the prices have skyrocketed up to RM2,833.65 and RM2810.10. The tickets were originally priced at RM598 and RM398.

Wow, even the cheapest category is being marked up to match Category 2’s price.

Prices for the Category 2 tickets.
Kesian la all the real fans who wanted to watch Bruno Mars in action.
Despite the crazy price these scalpers putting on, what baffles us the most is, believe it or not, there are actually people who bought the tickets from them. Guess they’re very, very desperate to see Bruno Mars.

Well, if you're a die-hard fan of the Versace On The Floor singer, his concert will probably be a Grenade-inducing experience you’ll Treasure the most since you probably said That’s What I Like while you burn a hole in your pocket paying for the tickets.

For those who didn’t manage to get tickets to his show, we know you might be feeling as if you’re Locked Out of Heaven, but take our advice, please don’t buy from scalpers but instead look for tickets to his show overseas as it is far more worth it.

So now, the countdown begins. See you soon, Bruno!
24K Magic Man, we love you!

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