Guess Who’s Forbes’ World’s Highest-Paid Actress of 2017?

Hint: It’s no longer the same person last year. She has been dethroned.

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Guess Who’s Forbes’ World’s Highest-Paid Actress of 2017?
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It’s that time of the year again! Forbes has released its annual report of the world’s highest earning actress of 2017.
To recap last year’s report, Jennifer Lawrence topped the list with a total earning of USD$46 million (RM197.66 million) followed by Melissa McCarthy with USD$33 million (RM141.8 million), and Scarlett Johansson with USD$25 million (RM107.42 million).
So who will reign supreme and be the queen of price tags this year?
Well, you’re in for a surprise, because it’s Emma Stone!

Congrats to our favourite funny girl!
The 28-year-old cashed in USD$26 million (RM111.72 million) thanks to her role – Mia, in La La Land which landed her an Oscar win.
Coming in close in second place is Jennifer Aniston with USD$25.5 million (RM109.57 million), and in third place is former champion, Jennifer Lawrence with USD$24 million (RM103.13 million).
Anniston made her earnings in several movies but credits most of it to endorsements with giant brands such as Emirates airlines, Smartwater, and Aveeno.
Lawrence on the other hand, managed to collect her earning despite a Hunger Games movie via her movie roles in Mother! and Red Sparrow, as well as a contract with Dior.
A newcomer to the list this year is Harry Potter star, Emma Watson who placed sixth with USD$14 million (RM60.16 million) in earnings. Watson managed to breakthrough the list thanks to her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

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