Otakus, Get Ready For A ‘One Piece’ Exhibition In Kuala Lumpur Soon!

Your favourite straw-hat pirates are finally making their way to Malaysia.

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Otakus, Get Ready For A ‘One Piece’ Exhibition In Kuala Lumpur Soon!
If you’re a big fan of anime and also One Piece, this is an event that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

That's because a One Piece exhibition is set to make its debut in Malaysia from 26 August until 18 October at ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur, Lot 10.

*Immediately cancels all other plans*
The popular manga series exhibition will focus on the Straw Hat Pirates and their awesome (and sometimes annoying) leader, Monkey. D. Luffy.

So, what will the exhibition feature?

You can come with your otaku mates to experience the world’s first VR experience of One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda at work! There will also be tonnes of colour illustrations from the manga as well as a replica of Eiichiro Oda’s work place.

So there's plenty of photo opportunities to flood your Instagram feed with.

Can’t get enough of the exhibition? Don’t forget to grab exclusive One Piece merchandise such as t-shirts, plush toysstationaries and many more.

High-resolution reproductions of the original illustrations will also be up for order.

Shut up and take our money!
Entrance fee for the exhibition won’t set you off on a treasure hunt or make you steal other pirates' loot as it is priced at only RM15 (or RM25 if you opt for the exclusive VR experience).

Well, forking out an additional RM10 for a One Piece VR experience is totally worth it if you are a true blue One Piece fan.

And if you’re planning to bring your kids under the age of four, they can enter the event for FREE!

Psst, we also heard that they will be giving out free One Piece stickers with each entry, so be there early if you want to bring home some!

For more info about your favourite pirates’ exhibition, click here.

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