Taylor Swift Is Acting Strange On Social Media

She left a blank space in all her accounts.

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Taylor Swift Is Acting Strange On Social Media
Image: Billboard / AP
Something strange happened a couple of days ago.
Pop princess Taylor Swift wiped all of her social media clean. She deleted every Instagram photo, every Facebook photo and every single Tweet. Even her official website has been turned into a blank screen.
But she left behind a single cryptic (and creepy) post, leaving her hundreds of millions of followers both shocked and confused.

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The internet is going nuts trying to figure out what the 10-second video snippet of a slithering snake could mean, but many are speculating a Swift comeback happening soon.
Swifties have been eagerly waiting for a new album to drop because this is now the longest since the pop star has gone without releasing new music.
This video tease came just days after the third anniversary of the release of ‘Shake It Off’ from her last album ‘1989’, which sold one million copies in its first week alone.

And apparently, the speculations might be right.
Sources told US Weekly that the 27-year-old singer is releasing the first single from her sixth album on 25 August, along with a music video and new album soon after.
That’s in a few days’ time!
We haven’t heard anything else from Swift’s side since then, but we shall wait and see. In the meantime, let’s look back and some of our favourite hits from the pop princess.

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