7 TV Shows You Should Watch To Help You Get Into The Merdeka Spirit

Get your popcorn ready!

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7 TV Shows You Should Watch To Help You Get Into The Merdeka Spirit
National Day is just around the corner and thankfully for us, this year's celebration coincides with a long weekend.

And there's no better way to spend the long weekend than to sit on the couch and binge-watch all the Merdeka-themed TV shows that will be showing on TV, right?

To help you get into the Merdeka spirit, here are eight TV shows we recommend you watch during the super long weekend:

1) Anak Merdeka

Where: Astro Prima (Channel 105), Astro Mustika (Channel 134), Astro Xi Yue (Channel 300), Astro Vaanavil (Channel 201)
When: 26 - 31 August, 9pm

Spanning over six episodes, Anak Merdeka chronicles the lives of three friends – Salleh, Boon and Devi – beginning from the time Malaysia struggled for its independence right through to the 21st century. Set in a funfair, where these three friends first meet, the journey of their story interweaves with our nation’s key historical moments and events over the course of 60 years. Their story is the nation’s story. 

2) #TheBlackHawkDown: Wira Keamanan

Where: Astro Prima (Channel 105), Astro Maya (Channel 135)
When: 31 August, 11pm

Admit it; you enjoyed the Ridley Scott-directed Black Hawk Down movie starring Josh Hartnett. Now, get the real story with #TheBlackHawkDown: Wira Keamanan. This documentary details the chilling moments when more than a hundred Malaysian soldiers were sent into the battlefield to rescue 70 American Rangers after two Black Hawk helicopters went down in Somalia in 1993. Follow their story as they fight for nearly 12 hours to escape the deadly battlefield.

3) Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - Borneo

Where: Discovery Channel (Channel 551)
When: 3 September, 9pm

Anthony Bourdain is a popular chef and TV personality, and time and time again, he's professed his love for Malaysian food. In this special episode of Parts Unknown, the 61-year-old fulfils his ten-year promise to return to the Iban longhouse of Entalau deep in the jungles of Borneo for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

4) Stories of SJKC S3

Where: Astro Xi Yue (Channel 300)
When: 1 September, 3pm

Ever wonder what goes on in a typical Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) school? Stories Of SJKC is here to answer your curiosities. This special TV show features Chinese schools with long-time history, academic and co-curriculum performances as well as those with a unique story to tell.

5) Malaysia MRT

Where: National Geographic (Channel 553)
When: 2 September, 8pm

Beneath the heart of Kuala Lumpur, tunnel-boring machines are digging and building almost 20 kilometers of tunnels for the city’s new mass rapid transit dubbed the KVMRT to help relieve Kuala Lumpur’s constant gridlock. But digging underground in some of the world’s worst tunneling conditions is no easy task. Discover how the innovative Variable Density Tunnel Boring Machine was developed, and how the newly-launched MRT line is made.

6) Road To Nationhood

Where: History Channel (Channel 555)
When: 10 September, 10pm

If you want a crash course on how Malaysia achieved its independence, Road To Nationhood is one show you have to watch. This documentary chronicles the period from 1941 to 1965, tracing Malaya's journey to independence and the formation of Malaysia with untold stories of the founding fathers of the nation. 

7) Bukit Kepong

Where: Astro Ria (Channel 104)
When: 31 August, 1pm

Remember reading the Bukit Kepong novel back in secondary school? Well, now you can watch it. Bukit Kepong tells the story of how a group of local policemen and villagers defend the Bukit Kepong police station in Muar, Johor against a communist attack in 1950. 

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