Henry Golding Returns To His Iban Roots In Discovery Channel's 'Surviving Borneo'

Watch him get a traditional tribal tattoo!

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Henry Golding Returns To His Iban Roots In Discovery Channel's 'Surviving Borneo'
Image: Discovery Channel
Popular TV host Henry Golding made both national and international headlines this year when he scored not just one, but two Hollywood movie lead roles!
So you can imagine how packed his schedule must have been travelling between Malaysia, Singapore and now Toronto for filming.
But Golding never failed to remember his Iban heritage.

Not too long ago, the 30-year-old went on a personal mission to discover his tribal roots and attain his bejalai as a descendant of the once-feared tribe of Sarawak.

The ancient bejalai is an Iban rites of passage in which he explored unfamiliar lands before he got married.
In this journey of self-discovery, he also challenged himself to acquire a whole new set of knowledge and skills.

The journey brought Golding back to his Iban hometown in Betong, the mountainous region of Bario, home to the Kelabit tribe, and finally into the deepest interiors of Sarawak to search for the mysterious Penans, Borneo’s last remaining nomadic tribe.

And his entire mission was documented in an upcoming six-part TV series on Discovery Channel, Surviving Borneo.

The first episode premieres on 10 September, 9pm on Discovery Channel (Astro CH 551) where Golding reunites with his old uncle, Apa Tuai and spend three days living in the jungle.
Catch the hunky host as he learns valuable life lessons from the tribes of Borneo on what it takes to protect, provide and survive in the 21st century!
We trust that it will be an eye-opening experience indeed.

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