This Local Indie Band Is Touring Japan For Three Weeks In October

And they're not your average rock band.

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This Local Indie Band Is Touring Japan For Three Weeks In October
Image: FAZZ
Theatrical, vaudeville, cabaret, rock & roll, and jazz are not the most common sounds you hear in a local band, but that’s exactly what FAZZ is all about.
The independent band identifies themselves as theatrical, flamboyant, humorous and passionate musical entertainers with Broadway, Disney, classical and progressive rock & pop influences.
Fazz delivers entertainment through storytelling, blending theatrical stagecraft with modern day poetry.

The members consist of Yon Lynn (lead voice), Grace Cho (keys, voice), Raja Farouk (bass, voice), Jone Yeoh (skins), Jason Lim (trombone), and Ad Wafri (trumpet).

So far, Fazz has only played gigs in a smaller scale, bringing their lively music and stage persona to festivals and live houses locally, as well as Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

This time, the band is kicking off a full-fledged tour in Japan for three weeks next month, making it their third trip to the country.
But why Japan?
“Fazz always has an amazingly-twined jodoh with Japan, be it our music influence, inclination or experiences, we tend to come back to this point of intersection,” the band said.
“We've decided to kick off a full-fledged tour this time around because we figured that it’s time to explore playing in Japan with this approach and consistency.”
The band’s first encounter with Japan was in 2015 when they were invited to play at the Haneda International Anime Festival. Meeting all kinds of artists from different countries, Fazz felt right at home despite being in a foreign country.
“Our first year in Japan was a very refreshing to connect with artists, who are involved in the anime scene, which is strongly supported in the nation. Fazz built a strong network with international acts from the Europe, US and Australia region, which opened up doors for potential tours plans,” the band said.
During their second trip to Japan, the band played at different venues in Tokyo where they were able to further learn and exchange cultural differences on the music industry in both Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.
This October, Fazz will be returning to Japan, a bit more familiar than before, with their new album. The band will be playing 11 shows altogether in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto under the theme #FAZZPromoTour2017.

And at the final leg of the tour, Fazz will be performing at the 14th Tokyo International Music Market, as part of the Japan Content Showcase 2017, in conjunction with TIFFCOM 2017 Marketplace for Film & TV in Asia, and Tokyo International Anime Festival 2017 (TIAF).
They will be sharing the stage with both local and international artists at the festival and the band is more than thrilled.
“Each time we travelled to Japan, we always had a different experience, also because we performed at various venues that had led us to meet diffident audience,” the band shared.

“Overall, the Japanese music industry has a strong appreciation towards the performing arts and the business itself. By playing original materials, we are given more exposure and reception on our presence as Fazz.”

The members have worked extra hard to take another self-funded tour outside of Malaysia, which seemed almost impossible at the beginning. But they’ve all learned to work as a team to prepare for this year’s journey.
We wish Fazz all the best in their upcoming Japan tour! We’re very proud to see our local artists taking their music to a higher level each time.
If you’re not able to catch their shows in Japan, Fazz will be performing at the ‘Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert’ on 23 September. So if you want a sneak peek of what the band is all about, head over to Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach this weekend to see them in their element!

Follow FAZZ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for the band's latest news and updates.

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