Who Is This Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku And How Did She Make Over 2.5 Million Fans Fall For Her?

And you'll get to see her "live in person" this December!

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Who Is This Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku And How Did She Make Over 2.5 Million Fans Fall For Her?
Image: Digital Trends
Global singing sensation Hatsune Miku is coming to Malaysia for the first time this December and fans can meet their idol "live in person".
But the special thing is, she is not human. She is actually a virtual persona that uses a computer-generated voice and 3D graphics to perform on stage.
Miku is 158cm tall and weighs 42kg.
This one of a kind performance makes this the first ever virtual singer live concert in Malaysia and the only one in Southeast Asia this year.

So who is this teal-haired girl and why is she so popular?

1) She was “born” in Japan on 31 August 2007

Hey, you share the same birthdate as our Merdeka too!
She recently celebrated her 10th anniversary in Japan.

2) Her voice was sampled from Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita

This is Saki Fujita cosplaying as Miku.
She is essentially a synthesised character known as a Vocaloid. You know, like android but with vocals.

3) Her name is a combination of the Japanese words, first (初 hatsu), sound (音 ne) and future (ミク miku).

And when you add them all together, it stands for "everybody's waifu", or something like that.

4) She can sing in multiple languages and already has hundreds of thousands of songs to date

She is the first truly crowd-sourced virtual talent because her entire repertoire was created by fans from around the world, using a programme to write and orchestrate songs for her.

5) Her outfit design was inspired by a very popular synthesiser keyboard

The colours and some of the motifs on her clothes were inspired by that special instrument.

6) Famous designer Marc Jacobs created a dress specifically for her

The dress was used for one of her vocaloid opera performances, "The End". She could probably cover one of Bruno Mars' songs and call it "Marc Jacobs On The Floor".

7) She has collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the world

She opened for Lady Gaga and appeared in Pharrell's music video. She has also performed alongside Japanese artists like Bump of Chicken and Namie Amuro.

8) She made television history in 2014

She became the first virtual singer to appear as a guest on popular late night talk show, The Late Show with David Letterman.

9) She has travelled around the world, from Indonesia to Los Angeles, and New York to Shanghai

She has done 48 performances in seven countries around the world this year alone, transcending culture, language and borders.
Hatsune Miku Expo 2017 will take place on 16 December, 8pm at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil. Tickets are priced at RM169, RM269, RM339 and RM439.
Ticket sales start 8 October from 10am onwards!
And that's not all! Malaysian all-round talent Zizan Razak and YouTube sensation Chaleeda Gilbert will also be opening the concert for Hatsune Miku! Concertgoers can also expect official merchandise booths, cosplayers and other activities before Miku takes the stage.

So don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to catch your virtual idol “live in person” this December and get your tickets here! You can also get the latest news and updates on the Hatsune Miku Expo 2017 website and Facebook.

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