This 8-Hour Movie About Sheep Will Literally Make You Sleep, But The Producers Actually Want It That Way

'Baa Baa Land' has no actors, dialogue or storyline, nor is it related to 'La La Land'.

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This 8-Hour Movie About Sheep Will Literally Make You Sleep, But The Producers Actually Want It That Way
If you are still awake by the end of this eight-hour long movie, then the creators probably didn’t do their jobs properly.
The film Baa Baa Land, which (if you couldn’t tell) is a play on Hollywood hit La La Land but has no relation whatsoever, and has no actors, dialogue or storyline, just hours and hours of sheep in slow-motion.
Self-dubbed as “the dullest movie ever made”, the purpose of this piece is to literally make people fall asleep. It was produced by, a website based in the U.S. that is aimed to help people, well, keep calm and relax.
No offence, but we think it probably isn't going to win an Oscar or Golden Globe.
Baa Baa Land executive producer and Calm co-founder Alex Tew wants it to be the ultimate cure for insomnia. The team based the movie on another feature on the website that offers audio bedtime stories for adults.
So, this is like a version of it but in video form. And if you really think about it, it’s kind of like counting sheep right before your eyes.
Michael Acton Smith, another co-founder of and co-executive producer of Baa Baa Land told The Toronto Star that his company’s mission is to make people happier and healthier by making them more calm, and they’re constantly finding ways to do that.
“We all know how addicted everyone is to Netflix and YouTube, and we thought, wouldn’t be cool to create one of the world’s most relaxing films – an eight-hour epic just focused on sheep,” he said.
The stars of 'Baa Baa Land' are about to become very famous.
And apparently, people are starting to be more interested in slow cinema, which is a style of filmmaking that involves long takes and very little dialogue. Slow cinema was first championed by Andy Warhol in his 1964 film, Empire, which similarly features eight hours of slow-motion shots of the Empire State Building.
But seriously though, who can sit through eight hours of slow-motion visuals, let alone with no people or dialogue?!
If you want to give it a shot, here’s a five-minute version of the eight-hour long Baa Baa Land:

Yawn. Have you fallen asleep yet?

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