A New ‘Harry Potter’ Book About Wands Is Set To Drop This November

Get those wands ready as there will be a lot of swishing and flicking involved!

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A New ‘Harry Potter’ Book About Wands Is Set To Drop This November
Image: Warner Bros. Studios
Almost three months after J.K Rowling announced that she will be releasing two new Harry Potter books in conjunction with the book series’ 20th anniversary, comes another magical news for all Potterheads.

Warner Bros. and Insight Editions have partnered together for an exclusive Harry Potter book collaboration titled Harry Potter: The Wand Collection.

Can't wait!!!
The book will delve deeper on the creation and history behind these magical props used in the Harry Potter movies. So kids, you don't need to wait until your Hogwarts letter to arrive to learn about these intricate instruments called wands.

According to Buzzfeed, the book includes “fascinating behind-the-scenes insights from the real-life wandmakers — the concept artists and prop makers who created the wands.”

Ever wondered what Hermoine’s wand was actually made of in real life? Or is there actually more than one version of wands used in every movie? Curious to know about the back story behind each wand?

Well fret not, because there will also be profiles of the wands used by each character in the book.
Here's an exclusive insight via Buzzfeed.
Michael Gambon wished he could have one at home. Well, we want one, too!
Psst, we heard there’s also a section about wand movements and techniques, so now you can escape the wrath of Hermoine if you hold your wand or cast a spell wrongly.

This scene is probably one of the best scenes in Harry Potter history.
The book is slated for release 14 November 2017.You can preorder the book on Amazon for USD$19.49 (RM82.47).

So what are you waiting for guys, place your orders ASAP!

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