‘The Voice’ Contestants Don’t Really Get To Choose Their Own Songs During Auditions And Here’s Why

This news really made our chairs turn!

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‘The Voice’ Contestants Don’t Really Get To Choose Their Own Songs During Auditions And Here’s Why
Image: Trae Patton/NBC
For the past few years, we’ve grown to love a singing-based reality show that literally turns heads (and chairs).

We’re all are familiar with the premise of The Voice and its X-factor – celebrity judges, four-chair turns, don’t-judge-a-book by its cover performances, and of course, some drama and healthy celebrity rivalry when it comes to convincing the contestants to be on their team.

But did you know that before all the chair turns, or even the actual audition takes places, the song that the contestant will perform wasn’t exactly chosen by them?

The nerve-wrecking moment before each chair-turn.
According to Tribune News Service, the song choice is actually a joint decision between the contestants and executive producers. How and why, you ask?

Well the talent competition’s executive producer Audrey Morrisse says that if it was up to the contestants, “they’d all pick the same songs.”

The contestants will have to submit a list of songs they’d like to perform to the producers and the producers will then choose which song that they will sing.

“We have several recordings of (the contestants). We’ve seen them in person. We listen to them again. We cross reference with their list. Then we think, ‘OK, what is the right song for them to get a push?’ That’s all we’re thinking about,” says Morrissey.

He added that the song that ends up being performed is always derived from the list given, and never something not from that list.

However, despite the shocking revelation, it turns out that the contestants also have a voice when it comes to the final song selection.

The producer says that singers can ultimately say if they don’t feel good about the song choice and change it at any point.

So, what do you think about this? Do you think it’s fair for the contestants or the singers have the right to perform the song regardless if it’s the same one with other contestants?

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