This Local Horror Movie Could Very Well Be Malaysia's Scariest Movie Ever

It was shot in Genting Highlands.

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This Local Horror Movie Could Very Well Be Malaysia's Scariest Movie Ever
Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Get your big boy's pants ready, horror fans!

We all love a good horror movie, but let's be honest; despite how much we loved The Conjuring or The Shutter, we secretly wished that we have a good scary movie to call our own as a real good local horror movie comes few and far between.

But that's about to change, ladies and gentlemen!

Haunted Hotel will soon be the latest horror movie to come out of Malaysia, and by the looks of it, it promises to be a good ol' scarefest.

Directed by award-winning local director Ryon Lee, the creepy flick tells the story of a tourist named Bai Ling who, after a major confusion with her hotel booking (sounds kinda familiar, right?), ended up being checked into one of Asia's most haunted hotels. 

After realising that the hotel is not a five-star resort but instead one that is teeming with evil spirits, she and her friends tried to leave the place.

Of course, being a hantu movie, escaping is never easy - especially when they have a vengeful hantu (or maybe two or three) hot on their tails.

The movie first made headlines in August last year when it was announced that several Asian A-list actors will be starring in it. Thai actress Sushar Manaying will be playing the female lead, while Chinese actor Leon Li Chuan and Malaysia's very own Teddy Chin will be playing the male lead roles.

Haunted Hotel is set to hit local cinemas on 19 October, and if you're still wondering if you want to want to catch it or not, here are a few reasons why we think you should get excited about Haunted Hotel:

#1 It was shot in Genting Highlands

More specifically, the super haunted Amber Court apartments in Genting. Sure, when you mention haunted apartments, the other Genting apartment comes to mind (you know which one), but Amber Court could easily rival it in the creeps department. The apartment is apparently a popular hangout spot for spirits, no thanks to the countless mysterious deaths that allegedly happened at the building. You can read all about the creepy stories here.

#2 The Karak Highway pontianak is in the movie (well, sorta)

If you're a real Malaysian, you have most probably heard about the greatest local urban legend involving the Karak Highway. If you haven't, you could read the whole account here, but the gist of the story is, a pontianak allegedly ripped the head off an unsuspecting man who stopped his car by the roadside and the man's wife found his headless, lifeless body on top of the vehicle. Cree-peh! There seems to be a version of the urban legend in the Haunted Hotel movie - quite apt since the working title for the film was reportedly Haunted Road 2.

#3 So is the infamous hantu in Genting

Legend has it that if you're really unlucky, you'll bump into a headless woman roaming around the corridors of one of the hotels in Genting Highlands, looking for her missing head. We can't tell you if this urban legend is true or not (although one of us in the Rojak Daily team did have an encounter with the lady. PM us for full story), but there have reportedly been numerous accounts of such meetings. Well, there is a headless hantu in the movie, and it's nice to see the director paying homage to one of Malaysia's most 'famous' ghosts.

#4 It is just legit scary

To be honest, it's been a very long time since a really scary local movie hit the cinemas (nope, Zombi Kampung Pisang doesn't count). From the creepy atmosphere to the demon-looking little girl to the clever use of local urban legends, Haunted Hotel does make our hair stand on end. Let's just hope the movie is as scary as the trailer.

Speaking of the the trailer, you can check out the full one here:


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