Relive Some Of The Most Epic Moments From Taeyang's 'White Night' Concert In KL

This concert was also his farewell tour as he will soon be joining the mandatory military service.

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Relive Some Of The Most Epic Moments From Taeyang's 'White Night' Concert In KL
Image: K-popped
It was a white night in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday when a member of one of South Korea’s most acclaimed boybands, BIGBANG, took centre stage at Stadium Negara.
Taeyang was in town over the weekend for his ‘2017 World Tour’ to promote his latest album, White Night. This marked his second solo concert in Malaysia and fourth time here altogether, twice with BIGBANG.

All decked in bedazzled white stage outfits, Taeyang captivated the screaming Malaysian fan girls (and boys) with his vocals and stage presence.

The R&B idol performed 18 songs, like 'Darling', 'Wake Me Up', 'Wedding Dress', 'Ringa Linga', as well as five extra songs during the encore stage, including BIGBANG's 'Last Dance', 'Bang Bang Bang' and 'Fantastic Baby'.
Sadly, the ‘White Night’ concert was the last time many of us would be seeing the 29-year-old singer live for the next few years as he will soon begin his mandatory military service in the coming months.
So, let’s relive Taeyang’s farewell tour together with these epic moments from the 'White Night in Kuala Lumpur' concert.

When he kicked off the show with ‘Ringa Linga’


When he told the crowd not to wake him up

When he said to 'Look Only At Me'

When he greeted the fans in Malay



When he sang an emotional rendition of 'Wedding Dress'

When he showed the fans how 'Amazing' he felt



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When the crowd sang along to 'I Need A Girl'

When he couldn't stop going close to the camera


When he sang BIGBANG's 'Last Dance' while playing the piano

When he performed his "last" song, 'Darling' and the crowd called for an encore

When he sang 'Good Boy' and everyone lowkey waited for G-Dragon to show up


When he smashed BIGBANG's best hits without BIGBANG

When he received a flower crown and wore it for the rest of the night


When he closed the show with 'Eyes Nose Lips'

From his smooth vocals to his sharp dance moves, it was an epic show. And we believe Taeyang himself agreed.

Thank u kuala lumpur!! Love you💕❤️

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