Could Jack Have Survived in Titanic? 7 Biggest Myths Busted

Was there enough room on that plank? Could science have helped them survive?

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Could Jack Have Survived in Titanic? 7 Biggest Myths Busted
"Let go Jack, I need to make a movie deal."

MythBusters has been on the air for the past 10 years, that’s 885 myths tested, 200 episodes aired, and over 7,200 hours filmed. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from them it’s this: explosions are never not cool. And oh, if something is broken, keep wrapping it in duct tape till it works. They even made a duct tape boat that was fully-functional. In honour of their last season on the air, Discovery Channel Asia has compiled seven of the best moments on the show and you can watch them below. Spoiler Alert: your childlike innocence is at stake. 

Could Jack have survived in the Titanic movie?

Can you escape if you were trapped in a sinking car?

Can you ram your way through traffic with a giant truck?

Can you clear hardened concrete in a cement truck with dynamite?

Can you drive a motorcycle across water?

Can speed up your car using JATO Rockets?

Can a big Lego ball flatten your car like a boulder?

MythBusters Season 10 is on every Sunday at 10pm on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551).

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