Ryan Reynolds Shares Set Photos From 'Deadpool 2' And We Can't Wait To See His New Suit

The sequel is scheduled for release on 1 June 2018.

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Ryan Reynolds Shares Set Photos From 'Deadpool 2' And We Can't Wait To See His New Suit
Image: 20th Century Fox
Ask anybody who was their favourite superhero last year and nine out of ten people would probably say Deadpool.
The movie based on the Marvel character of the same name achieved overnight success after its release, breaking multiple records, becoming the highest-grossing X-Men film and receiving numerous awards and nominations, including the Critics’ Choice Awards and Golden Globe.
'Deadpool' also became the highest-grossing R-rated film.
Deadpool’s critical and financial success were largely owed to Ryan Reynolds, who played the witty R-rated superhero character.
Let's forget Ryan Reynold's character in 'Green Lantern', shall we?
Both fans and critics also gave high praise to the film for the plot’s faithfulness and authenticity to the comics.
So, it was no surprise when Marvel announced that a sequel was happening.
Now, the filming for Deadpool 2 has officially completed and Reynolds decided to give us a little peek behind-the-scenes from the movie set.
He thanked everyone who was part of the production and dropped hints that there will be “Easter Eggs in almost every scene”!
Let’s see if we can spot them in the next few images, including the first look at Deadpool’s new costume, Wade Wilson without the mask and his katana swords, that are apparently named ‘Bea’ and ‘Arthur’.

What could the names possibly mean? We’ll just have to wait and find out.
Marvel has yet to reveal much about the storyline. But all we know is we’ll be seeing the return of Vanessa, Weasel, Blind Al and our favourite taxi driver, Dopinder.
Deadpool 2 is set for release on 1 June 2018.

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