6 Things We Absolutely Loved About ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Seriously guys, make your way to the cinema as fast as lightning.

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6 Things We Absolutely Loved About ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
Image: Marvel Studios
The next Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie in line to conquer silver screens worldwide is none other than Thor: Ragnarok.

The movie featuring the ‘God of Thunder’ is set to premiere in Malaysia this Thursday, 26 October.

Rojak Daily got a chance to catch the movie a few days in advance and here’s our verdict: it was Thor-rific! The third installment of the movie packs a tonne of punches (literally) and is filled with exciting plots twists and humour.

And because we have already watched the movie (we're just showing off, heh!), here are top six things we loved about the third Thor movie:

 #1 Hulk Is Back, Bigger And Better Than Ever

Bruce Banner will also return in Thor: Ragnarok.
If you’ve seen the trailers, you’d know by now that Thor and Hulk will be reunited in the most unlikely of events – fighting each other in front of thousands of spectators. We won’t tell you how that fight went down, but one thing’s for sure: Hulk did A LOT of smashing. In this movie, it seems that Hulk’s character now has more dimension. He speaks quite well now and we can see a softer, more adorable side of him, especially when Thor is tasked at calming a sulking Hulk in the absence of Black Widow.

#2 Thor Has Finally Met His Match In Hela Because She's Hella Strong

You do not want to cross paths with this powerful woman.
There’s been a spoiler going around about who Hela really is, but we’re not here to do that. But what we can tell you is that Thor may have finally met his match. Hela is one hell of a kickass lady who, if you've watched the trailer, destroyed Thor’s beloved hammer! She’s definitely one of the better villains in the MCU (Ultron who?) and you definitely don’t want to mess with her! Watch and you'll see why it’s a no-brainer she’s called the Goddess of Death.

#3 The Soundtrack And Music Will Strike You Like Thunder (In A Good Way)

Some might say that Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song may be a little too overrated since it’s included in almost EVERY superhero movie, and Thor: Ragnarok was no different. Yes, the song is quite a banger and is the perfect complement to any fight scene, but what makes Thor: Ragnarok’s sound even more electrifying is its techno soundtrack. You can feel some sort of Tron + Stranger Things vibe to it, mixed beautifully with the tone of 70s/80s keyboard sounds and synthesisers. Watch out Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor's coming for your title of The Best Soundtrack In A Marvel Movie!

#4 Thor's Dramatic Makeover

It's okay Chris Hemsworth, you still look smoldering hot!
Did you notice something different with Thor in the promotional posters or trailers? Did he get a makeover? Well, yes, sort of, and you’ll even get to see him whine like a cry baby in the process. But prior to losing his long luscious locks which is probably the envy of every female in Asgard, he suffered a heartbreak after his beloved weapon – the Mjolnir - was destroyed to smithereens. What we loved most about that is his amazing ability to rise to the occasion without his mighty hammer. Oh, and those aren't the only things he lost, by the way. You’d have to see it for yourself to find out.

#5 New Faces, New Team

The epitome of girl power, Valkyrie.
What makes every movie even more compelling is the presence of its supporting characters who gives more life to the narrative. You’ll meet our favourite new character Valkyrie, who will be on Thor’s ‘team’, and oh-em-gee, she kicks major butt. Trust us, you'll love her as much as we do after you've seen her in action.

Another character you should take note of is Korg, a muscular being made entirely out of rocks. We absoluted loved his unassuming appearance and demeanour.

Oh, remember Thor's surprise cameo in the 'Dr.Strange' movie? His presence will be answered in this movie.

#6 Thor and Loki's Brotherly Love-Hate Relationship

It's nice to see these two not trying to kill each other this time.
Loki’s mischievous antics have caused trouble to not only Thor, but also the rest of the universe, but does he have what it takes in his heart to help his half-brother save Asgard? We absolutely loved Thor and Loki's on-screen banter this time around, and how the writers give their love-hate relationship a little bit more background in a series of adorable flashbacks. And yes, in case you're still wondering, Loki is still as good-looking as ever.

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