A New Thai Horror Series Is Coming To Malaysia And It’s Going To Haunt Your TV Screens

The show will be aired during the witching hour of 3am

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A New Thai Horror Series Is Coming To Malaysia And It’s Going To Haunt Your TV Screens
Images: Astro BOO

Horror buffs, you’re in for a terrifying treat!

You would know by now that Asian ghosts tend to be a wee bit scarier than the ang moh ones, especially those that hail from our neighbouring country, Thailand. (Honestly, Shutter still gives us the chills!)

Well if you’re looking forward to the next horror story from Thai, look no further because Astro BOO has launched its first original horror series titled 3 A.M. Bangkok Ghost Stories.

The 13-episode bone-chilling series will start airing from 28 October onwards, and subsequently every Saturday at 3am. Yes guys, they even went to the extent of airing it on the witching hour to give it an even creepier vibe.

Careful ah, who knows some other paranormal beings are also watching with you.

Every episode will have a few things in common – the stories will take place in Thailand and each plot will revolve around a strange occurrence at 3am.

Rojak Daily had a sneak preview of the first episode of the series titled ‘DJ’ whereby a radio DJ is haunted by a mystery caller who had previously phoned in and told him she was going to commit suicide. The DJ thought it was a prank and told her to go ahead and do it.

Little did he know, his words would literally come back to haunt him.

The episode stars prominent Thai actress/singer Chansakorn Kittiwattanakorn of “True Academy Fantasia Season 10” fame and and actor Paranyu Rojanawuthitham.

Haiya, hospital ghosts are even worse!
Other episodes we’re looking forward to see are ‘Nurse’, ‘Taxi’, ‘Vacant Room’ and ‘Bareface’. From the episode titles, we think you could sort of expect the kind of hantu you can expect to turn up, and that makes it all the more exciting!

So, how and where can you watch this series?

Astro subscribers can subscribe to Astro BOO (Channel 404) for a monthly rate of RM6.35/month. NJOI customers can also get your dose of horror shows via NJOI Prepaid for RM16.90/month for 30 days or for RM5.30 for three days.

For more info, log on to or visit Astro Channel 200.

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