Four Easy Ways To Melt A Girl's Heart, According To Ed Sheeran

From the lips of the love song expert himself.

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Four Easy Ways To Melt A Girl's Heart, According To Ed Sheeran
You must have heard by now, the man with the honey-coated voice and heart-melting lyrics behind some of the most popular love songs in the last decade was in town earlier this week.
Despite a small setback last month (you know when he got into a bicycle accident and broke his arm and almost had to cancel his concert here), Ed Sheeran finally made his way to Malaysia and sang his way straight into the hearts of thousands at the Axiata Arena last November.
Thank God his broken arm healed just in time!
With a guitar in his arm throughout the night, the English singer-songwriter filled the stadium with love, literally, because apparently two couples got engaged during the concert and almost stole the show!
Looks like he is really speaking the language of love! Through his passionate songs, at least.
Every wedding in the last five years would play at least one Ed Sheeran song.
We were lucky enough to sit down with him for a few minutes just before he went on stage, so we decided to ask him about this four-letter word he seems to know a lot about.

So what does it really take to melt a girl’s heart?

1) Make a mixtape full of love

If you’re trying to win a girl’s heart and you’re too shy to speak your heart out, use songs instead. Hey, you don’t have to dig a hole for yourself, guys are allowed to be shy too!
We asked Ed what songs he would put in his mixtape to serenade a girl and he told us he would use more acoustic music, by artists like Bon Iver, Passenger and Damien Rice.

And how perfect is it to see Bon Iver perform a cover of Ed Sheeran's song?

And just for fun and just to spice things up a little bit, “maybe Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ just at the end”, he said with a cheeky smile.
Disclaimer: This song is a bit R-rated, so please proceed with caution.

2) Sing your heart out

However, surprisingly, Ed wouldn’t actually sing those songs himself to serenade the one he has eyes for because he finds it a bit weird.
“I know it’s in my music video and I’m doing that, but that’s not something that I do. I don’t usually like to serenade a girl,” he laughed.

But hey, if singing to your lady is your kind of thing, go ahead and belt out your best!
Just like Ed, he is quite an emotionally closed off person and to a certain extent, he is quite shy when it comes to revealing his emotions. So, he pretty much just lets his songs do the talking.
“I think that’s why the songs are what they are, everything comes out through them,” he shared.

3) Pick a fun song for your wedding

Ed Sheeran is practically synonym to love songs, so without a doubt, his music is a popular choice for wedding songs. If you go on Spotify right now and start searching for a wedding playlist, you probably wouldn't find any one without at least one of his songs.

We don’t expect Ed to use his own songs for his wedding in the future because that would just be tooting his own horn and he isn't really a music snob. He can just sing the songs himself if he really wanted to, right?
Apparently, he prefers some hip hop for his wedding, which to be honest, is quite the opposite to what we had in mind!
“‘March Madness’ by Future, but I wouldn’t have that as the first dance. I’d just have that… you know the first dance and then afterwards, there’s the song that gets everyone in, I’d do that,” he said.

4) Stay healthy

We know you must be thinking, 'What does this have to do with melting a girl's heart?'. Bear with us on this. 

Did you know that Ed couldn’t stay away from cigarettes for 13 years? And did you know that he has given up smoking for the past seven months?
We’re not trying to launch an anti-tobacco campaign here, but the singer shared that he has noticed a lot of good things in his life since he quit.
“I have more energy, I sleep longer, I don’t cough up things with blood in the morning,” he shared.
In fact, Ed realises you become more attractive when you’re healthy.
“For a girl, when a guy has yellow teeth, smells and has got bad skin, that’s not an attractive thing. I think it’s more and more attractive to be healthy,” he noticed.
So, go on more runs, start working out and eat healthier, guys, because the ladies will love it. And you know what? It also gave Ed better skin now, have you ever noticed how nice his skin looked?
“I think giving up smoking has sorted my skin out. I used to look a bit grey, it wasn’t great.”
But you're a lot better now, Ed! 

Without a doubt, we have a feeling that Ed did all these for that special someone in his life. There's no better way to tell a girl how much she means to you than to take care of your health so that the both of you could live happily ever after, right? 
These little tips may not be a hundred per cent for every single relationship out there, but coming from someone who has written his heart out, maybe we could all use some of his advice if we're ever lacking in the love department.
And FYI, Ed is currently dating a girl he has known since childhood, Cherry Seaborn to whom he dedicated the super romantic ballad, ‘Perfect’, to. It also happens to be his favourite song off his latest album and the first one he wrote for it!
If you haven’t seen the music video, go watch this and spend the next few minutes swooning.

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